On feeling called towards something that you’re not sure you’re ready for.

I’m seeing creative people everywhere on my social media feeds is feeling called towards some kind of shift. There’s a lot of discomfort around that sense of being pushed into something that may be bigger than what you feel ready for.

The call is an invitation and the universe is sending a LOT of them right now.

We’re in a transition and your creative gifts are needed to help us all move through the shift.

YES it’s SCARY when you’re called in this way because your fears and limiting beliefs and inner critics will be triggered as a part of this process. But your discomfort has purpose. Dealing with the fear/limiting belief/inner critic/whatever is a part of what you are being called to do.

The inner work is the foundational work. We all want to focus on the other parts of the creative process, but without a sturdy foundation your dreams will always be sand castles that can be taken out by a big wave.

Right now the world needs you to build your dreams in a sturdier way, with a deep and solid foundation.

I received the call about a year ago to take my work deeper and I answered it as wholeheartedly as I was able to.

I re-structured my work in the Circle Dream Circle, I created a whole new framework for the Inner Work, Dream Work and Outer Work of making dreams come true in sturdier and stronger ways and am now working on a new curriculum of programs, like the new Project Miracle, that help you go deeper than ever into your own process.

I’m here to help support creative people through this shift.

I have a free class that is life-changingly helpful, that explains this new framework for working with dreams.

After you’ve done the free class, Project Miracle is a 30 day program in going deeper into your own magic, calling in the shift you need in order to answer the call.

And I offer ongoing in-depth support in my Creative Dream Circle.

Wishing you the magic of answering the call,