On releasing the obstacles (it’s not what you think…)

Obstacle release is brave work.

It’s impossible to release something that you can’t face, so facing the thing is always the first step.

It takes more work than you think to really face your obstacle, to sit with it for long enough that you actually start to see it clearly. Because we don’t see our own obstacles clearly. Ever.

Your obstacles live in your blind spots.

For many years I thought that the obstacle to me having the life I wanted (to be creatively and sustainably and happily self-employed) was that it’s just too hard to make a living as an artist.

Then, when I started doing creativity workshops, I thought my obstacle was that I live in too small a city to be able to put on enough workshops to make a living at it.

My actual obstacle always was that I was too afraid to learn about business. I was afraid of failing, afraid of visibility, afraid of the vulnerability of really putting myself out there.

Mostly, I was afraid of knowing how afraid I actually was.

So all of this fear stayed huddled in my blind spot and I carried on believing the lies my fear told me about why my dreams were impossible.

I couldn’t release those obstacles until I could see them, sit with them, and work through them.

Once I was able to do that – I became free to really go after my dreams. And so I did.

Which is not to say I don’t have obstacles anymore. Obviously. But they don’t hold me back for years the way they used to.

Obstacle release is a practice, not a magic pill, and I keep practicing.

It’s not this glorious thing where you just decide to let it go and suddenly emerge like a butterfly from the chrysalis.

It takes courage and vulnerability and the willingness to tell the truth to yourself.

This is kind of the perfect time to practice this, because as the calendar flips over into the new year we all tend to start to dream about what we want to do/be/have in the new year.

And unless you release your obstacles, they’re going to stay stuck to you, limiting your possibilities and dulling your dreams.

So let’s do this. Together.

It’s live online today but the recording will be available until Jan 9 so you have some time to work with it.

I do suggest making time to listen several times, to give yourself a chance to really work through your obstacle because I know that you deserve what is waiting for you on the other side of it.

And we’ll have an Obstacle Releasing discussion forum going in the Dream Lab  (that’s my free e-course) so we can keep exploring together after the live call.

Get the details + sign up here (that will get you both the live ceremony + the recording)