So going after new dreams is pretty terrifying.

It’s hard to sit down and explore this – I mean who knows what you’ll find, right?

Your dream will grow you. I trust this. And I know I’m ready for it. But I don’t know what any of this means right now, exactly.

So, I dive in with the questions I ask my Circle members to answer every week:

My dream is: to find this new dream

I want it because: well it feels like it wants me, like it’s calling me. But I must want it or I wouldn’t be here so… I want it because I want to keep following my creativity and intuition, I want to keep growing into who I really am.

When I have it I will feel: well I think I will feel more enlivened to have more projects that light me up. I will feel inspired and happy and excited.

So – don’t I feel those ways right now? Well yes, but I also have this feeling like there is room for more.

This feels like I am starting to go in circles!

But going in circles is part of the path, too. Going in circles can wear down the path and gently bring you deeper into it where things start to look different.

And if a circle is only movement I can make then going in circles must be the right way to go.

It’s better than standing still.

I’m also worried that I am doing all of this exploring and it might be for nothing.

Like my new dreams are not going to end up being very exciting. Like they won’t be worth it.

Like what if my “new dreams” are really just to keep doing what I’m doing? More guided journals and colouring books, more decks of cards. I mean those are the kinds of projects that excite me right now.

I have been having so much fun drawing new patterns for my new guided journal and colouring book and seeing how I could use them in a deck of cards too…

What if my new dreams aren’t new? What if I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist?

Well if I am looking then I feel inspired to look and what if that’s enough?

See, circles.

So I’m asking a question that is usually helpful:

What do I think will change in my life when I have this new dream?

I will work more.

Really? That’s the first thought that popped into my mind?! I want to work more? Is that what this is all about?

Because that is simple enough, I can just work more. I can do more coaching circles and create new e-courses and keep going with the guided journal and colouring books.

Just sitting quietly with that.

I want to blog more, I have missed this.

And yeah – I would like to work more. Produce more.

OMG that is so weird. I don’t want to judge my answers because that kills the process of exploration but I also really want to judge these particular answers.

Just sitting quietly with that.

So when I think about the people who really inspire me I am always amazed by how much creative work they produce.

I honour their commitment to their creative practice, which always feels bigger than my commitment to my creative practice.

See I have really resisted “working too much” because I come from a family of workaholics.

So I’ve always seen it as a thing for me to be aware of and to manage.

What if it’s a thing to celebrate?

Geez this is not where I was expecting this circle to lead me to. But I am going to put this down for today and let this settle a bit.

So going after new dreams is pretty terrifying. It's hard to sit down and explore this - I mean who knows what you'll find, right?