That shitty thing that happened is your teacher.

You set an intention to go after your dream. Like for real this time.

You have a plan. You’re totally doing this.

And you know you have to do the work but you’re also expecting the universe to send you some support – lining things up for you with the magic of synchronicity or at least sending some signs that you’re on the right path.

Like, after all those years of procrastinating about your dream, now that you’re ready to work for it – things should pretty much fall into place, right?

But instead something really shitty happens.

Like you want to work on improving your relationship but then you just find yourself fighting with your partner all the time.

Or you want to work on making more money and then get hit with a huge unexpected bill.

And sometimes it’s enough to make you want to give up completely. Like why bother?

Except this is happening on purpose.

This is a part of the process.

This is your teacher, this experience of receiving the opposite of what you asked for is the path that leads to what you want.

It’s hard to see it for what it is because you were expecting something different.

So this is exactly where I am this morning so I wanted to share how I work through it.

First – I meet with my dream (same way I teach in the free Dream Lab e-course).

My dream shows up as a cherry tree in full blossom. Magnificent.

I feel into all the love I have for my dream.

And when I feel grounded and connected to my dream (sometimes this can take a long time – today it’s coming to me easily, thank goodness) I invite in the obstacle/teacher/crappy thing I am experiencing.

It shows up as a bird that threatens to eat the blossoms. Like it just wants to eat them out of spite, not because it needs them for nourishment.

I hold the bird in my hands, sitting under this glorious tree. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Why would you want to destroy this beautiful thing?”

The bird looks at me with terror in it’s eyes. “I’m afraid the tree will destroy me. It’s so big! So much bigger than me! And if these blossoms become seeds and become new trees? How will there be space for me?”

True enough, the bird is tiny and the tree is huge. Funny how just a few minutes ago the bird felt huge and menacing – like a dinosaur-sized problem. But now it’s like a chickadee-sized problem.

I mean this bird couldn’t destroy the tree even if it tried as hard as it could. I almost want to encourage it to go for it – just so it can tire itself out and get this energy out of it’s system.

My perspective is totally shifting already even though I am not quite seeing how this bird and tree story really correlates with the thing in the outer world that has me upset. But I am feeling less upset and that is what matters.

The bird knows it can’t destroy the tree and that’s why it’s so afraid and that’s why it’s on the attack.

“Sweetheart I want you to be safe. How can I help?”

The bird nuzzles my hand a bit, like testing the waters to see if I really am safe.

I sit still, offering love.

The bird melts into a feather. The feather floats away.

I look up at the tree and feel more connected to it. Like it’s growing out of my heart and it’s a part of me and I am a part of it – I am that beautiful magnificent thing and I get to live like it.

I think about the “real life situation that had me so upset I started this process” and it feels ok.

I mean I am not excited about it or anything but I feel like I can handle it.

I wasn’t seeing a way through before. I see one now.

The bird showed me something that I couldn’t see before.

This is how Creative Dream Alchemy works.

We dig into the stories behind the feelings behind what is going in in the outer world.

We bring light and healing to those stories.

This re-aligns us with our truth – that we are *always* bigger than the obstacles in our way. That our dreams matter.

And this opens up new doorways to new possibilities in our outer lives. Well – the doorways were always there, we just couldn’t see them. This work helps us see the real possibilities that exist right in front of us.

It works like magic, but like magic it requires courage. It’s hard to face your most uncomfortable feelings head-on.

We’re going to dive deep into this process together in Dream Journey.

It’s starting on September 18 with a live (streaming video) call. You’ll get:

  • New tools to use for your Dream Work (you’re going to love them – read on for the details)
  • A structure that helps you go deeper into your Dream Work
  • A community to explore with
  • Q+A calls every Monday (you can attend live to ask your questions, or post them in the forum and I’ll respond on the call) so you get support + guidance from me throughout the 21 days (4 live calls in total).

Together we’ll create a container of accelerated growth for you and your dream.

How you use the container is up to you!

We’ll explore this together with some journaling prompts on our first call, but you can use this group to do things like:

  • make some big progress towards your dream
  • explore your “big stuck” (external obstacle, inner fear, etc,) more deeply to find your way through it
  • figure out what your next steps should be with your dream
  • figure out which dream you should be focusing on right now

(If there is something specific you would like to get out of this and you’re not sure if this program will help, you can email me about it using the contact form on this page – I’m happy to help you decide if this is a right fit for your goals or not)

No matter what you are using the group for, I believe it will help you with:

  • being more connected to your dream, your intuition and your true self
  • structure for doing the inner work
  • clarity for doing the outer work
  • feeling supported and encouraged with your dream

How it works:

We’ll start with the basic Creative Dream Alchemy practice that I teach in my free class Dream Lab: Exploring The Miracle Of Your Dream (so start there if you haven’t done that class yet!).

Then we’ll work with the Field of Nourishment to nourish and grow your dream.

(Yes you’ll get your own fields to print out + colour – plus origami pyramids to represent what you’re putting into the field which yo’ll place in that center triangle)

You’ll use the Creative Dream Alchemy Nourishment Process to learn more about what kind of nourishment your dream needs.

This will also tell you more about what steps you need to be taking in service to your dream.

So ideally once you start working with the Creative Dream Alchemy process for nourishing your dream you’ll know what steps to take and you’ll go take them.


Sometimes once you start working with the Creative Dream Alchemy process for nourishing your dream you’ll just end up running into fear or doubt and end up unable to go take the steps you need to take.

When that happens you’ll work with the Field of Healing.

You’ll use the Creative Dream Alchemy Healing Process to bring your fear or doubt into the Field of Healing to, well, heal it.

You’ll bring love and safety to the parts of you who are afraid, gently building yourself up to the place where you can take steps on behalf of your dream.

Or sometimes once you start working with the Creative Dream Alchemy process for nourishing your dream you’ll end up bumping into obstacles that make it impossible for you to take the steps you need to take towards your dream.

That’s when you’ll use the Field of Transformation.

You’ll use the Creative Dream Alchemy Transformation Process to transform the obstacles. Or sometimes you’ll end up transforming your own perception of the obstacles so that they don’t seem so daunting. Or other times you end up just finding a different way to do the thing you want to do.

However it happens, the Field of Transformation helps you work through the obstacles that are in your way so that you are free to take the steps you want to take towards your dream.

So, using these three energy fields, throughout the 21 day Dream Journey you’ll be either taking steady steps towards your dream, or making steady progress towards dismantling your inner and/or outer obstacles.

It’s a bit of a “choose your own adventure” kind of thing. We’ll work together, but each of us will be on our unique path.

You’ll get tons of support throughout this process. The four live calls will happen on:

Monday, September 18
Monday, September 25
Monday, October 2
Monday, October 9

at 1:00 Central, NA (that’s: 11:00 AM in Los Angeles, 2:00 PM in New Work, 7:00 PM in London, 4:00 am the next day in Brisbane)

Recordings will be made available ASAP after we’re done each call.

I promise you don’t need to be there live to get what you need out of this program.  You can ask me your questions in the forum and I’ll answer in detail on the calls.

The cost: $99.

Since that is the same price as the trial membership in the Creative Dream Circle, the 21 day Dream Journey will only be available inside the Circle – so you’ll need to join for the trial membership to be a part of this.

This way you also get access to other tools that will be helpful – like the Un-Sticking Station, Mastermind group and the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course (including the Creative Business Incubator plug-in).

The $99 trial membership lasts for three months. At the end of three months you have the option to join the Circle for nine more months (to make it a full year of magic + growth) for $130. But there is no obligation to stay beyond the 3 months – it’s totally up to you.

Find out more about what’s inside the Creative Dream Circle right here.

I can’t wait to explore all of this with you and your dream, starting September 18!


That shitty thing that happened is your teacher.