Today the Field of Nourishment feels a little more familiar. The energy isn’t quite so “knock your socks off strong”.

Officially, Dream Journey – my new 3 week group coaching/magic-making circle – starts next Monday, September 18 and I hope you’ll be there!

But I am starting my journey a week early, as a way of holding space for myself to work through my process to be stronger in supporting you in working through your process. And as a way of helping you get ready for the journey, by seeing more about what it’s about.

We use Creative Dream Alchemy in this journey – which I teach in my free class Dream Lab.

This is Dream Journey Day 2 (Day 1 is here)

(This is the printable Field of Nourishment that you get in the Dream Journey kit – I glued it in my journal and each day I colour it a bit more and add more notes as I explore the Field of Nourishment)

Today the Field of Nourishment feels a little more familiar. The energy isn’t quite so “knock your socks off strong”.

There is a huge lotus-y mandala on the ground, and the air swirls with colours – orange and hot pink most notably (my favourites). It almost feels like a cave – safe and secure. But not dark or constricted like a cave.

I am seated in the center of the mandala, holding my dream (a large ball of light) in my lap.

Being seated in the Field of Nourishment I feel like I am becoming grounded in it. And I see the message here – I need to nourish myself in order to nourish this dream. To not just put my dream in the field, but put both of us here.

My dream already feels bigger than me, I can’t focus on growing IT because then it will dwarf me and it will be too uncomfortable to work with it. I need to grow me and my dream together.

So what do I need to do? What does my dream need?

I feel a surge of energy coming up through the Field of Nourishment. I notice how, in the 24 hours since starting this journey, my own energy has felt amplified. I need to hold this amplification, adjust to it as my new normal.

I can do this by: coming back to this meditation a few times a day (just for a few minutes each time), leaving my Field of Nourishment journaling page open on my desk so I remember that this is a thing I am working on, appreciate how good I feel and invite this feeling to stay.

And I can notice what happens during my day – notice what kinds of thoughts, ideas and inspiration come to me. Follow the energy.

While colouring/journaling/playing with my Field of Nourishment page I decided to cover the pyramid that represents my dream in glitter. I was really messy about how I did this and soon there will be glitter everywhere in the Dream Loft.

Sparkling little reminders all over my home. Stay in the process. You and your dream are being held and nourished. Trust this.

What else?

I get the sense that there is a lot of work to do – like “real world to-do list” type of work. But today is not the day for that.

This makes me feel a little frustrated. I want to dive in and DO ALL THE THINGS.

I sit with that feeling and it scurries off like a little spider. Now is not the time. If I focus now on allowing the Field of Nourishment to nourish + charge my own energy body, and my dream’s, this will change the path I take when I do start to “do the things”.

I feel so much inside me ready to change, I feel so many dreams ready to burst to life. Holding all of this feels hard.

I don’t want to hold it I want to leap into action.

And then I realise – well that is exactly what I have been doing! And it hasn’t been working! I’ve been working hard hard hard and not making the progress I’ve wanted.

So this is what the Dream Journey is bringing me right now: stillness, rejuvenation, true nourishment for me and my dream.

Oh. I see the seed, germinating in stillness for what feels like forever and then suddenly BURSTING to life.

I feel held. Like I’m not alone in this. My path will become re-aligned in this process.  Yes there is hard work ahead of me but not DRAINING OVERWHELMING hard work. Inspiring and joyful hard work.

See you back here tomorrow.