When things don’t happen for you (an update on selling the Dream Loft)


This weekend my real estate agent came over – she had been at a vegetarian Indian cooking class that afternoon and brought us the amazing stuff she had made. Such a nice treat.

We looked over what’s been happening in the market and guess what – it’s not good. I mean it’s just not a good time to sell a condo.

We knew that already, but wanted to look into the numbers in more detail to get a better sense of what’s happening so we can make the best choice about how to move forward.

I’ve been getting a LOT of unsolicited advice about this.

People see me, a “professional dreamer”, not getting exactly what I want exactly when I want it exactly how I want it – and it makes them uncomfortable.

Like Creative Dreaming is supposed to insulate us from this.

It’s not.

Creative Dreaming is a path. We can absolutely control how we’re showing up for the path every day. We can control the choices we make.

We can’t control the world around the path. We don’t control the universe. I don’t control the real estate market, nor do I have any desire to.

When you feel stuck, you need to work on that.

If you’re doubting yourself, feeling afraid, not showing up how you want to show up for your dreams, just generally feeling uncomfortable about your dream – then your work is to work on this stuck.

But when the external world isn’t re-arranging itself to meet your expectations? That doesn’t mean anything is stuck.

I’m not feeling stuck about the loft. I actually don’t feel anything, and I have really dug in to look at what’s going on with me about this.

I just have a lot of other stuff on my plate, and selling the condo is in the background, like I know the right person will find it in the right time and we’ll find our new home when it’s ready for us and there really isn’t anything for me to do with that right now.

I’m not stuck. It just takes the time it takes.

I’ve been really happy here.

When we put the condo on the market, my husband I did a little ceremony, we thanked the loft for all the ways it has blessed us, we took all that love and happiness we’ve had here and offered it to the condo’s next owner and said our goodbyes.

We both feel complete with that.

The work is done.

Does that mean the buyer is supposed to show up right this instant just because we decided we were ready?

What if they need more time?

What if the perfect next home for us isn’t going to be available until next year?

What if something else will change between now and then and it will turn out it was a good thing it didn’t sell?

I mean we don’t know. We don’t control the universe. That’s a good thing.

Both my real estate agent and my mother suggested we need to get clearer about our intentions. Light a candle and really visualize the right and perfect buyer showing up.

And I get it – from their perspective they think we should have what we want when we want it.

But at this point that would only feel like trying to force the universe to re-arrange itself to meet our expectations. Which is so ridiculous given how small we are and how vast the universe is.

I feel at peace. Yes I wish we didn’t have to keep the loft as close as possible to “showing ready state” but that’s hardly a hardship.

Nothing is wrong. It takes the time it takes.

I sure didn’t used to be this much at peace when things didn’t happen for me when I wanted them to.

But that’s because I had all sorts of conflicting energies and unfinished business within me.

I wasn’t showing up for my dream to the best of my ability – so of course I could feel how my dream wasn’t going to show up for me either.

I am the only one who can create the right conditions for my dream. And back then I preferred lighting more candles and visualizing harder over dealing with the conflicting energies within me, facing my fears and taking brave steps.

I was waiting for it to come to me, I wasn’t doing everything I could do meet it.

Now, I do my part. I show up for my dreams every day.

When you show up and do your part, it’s easier to trust that everything’s going to fall into place. And it’s more obvious that when I let things happen on the universe’s time, instead of trying to force them into my timeline – there is more space for magic.

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