That feeling when your dream is right there within reach and you shrink away from it.

It seems so stupid to freeze up when your dream is right there within reach but actually, if you look at it more closely, it makes perfect sense.

I mean come on – dreams are terrifying!

There are at least a million valid reasons why you shrink from your dream.

Shrinking back doesn’t mean you’re not ready or you can’t have it. It just means you have some Inner Work to do before you can take this next external step.

Outer Work should only come when you feel clear about what needs to be done and you feel ready to do it.

Shrink-back means you can see what needs to be done but you don’t feel ready to do it even though you want to feel ready and probably think you should feel ready.

Remember the Creative Dream Compass?

(I share how to use this in my free class, Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True)

If Outer Work isn’t working you still have 2 other options: Dream Work and Inner Work. When you’re shrinking back, your next step is likely to do Inner Work.

There is NEVER a reason to give up on your dream.

There is ALWAYS something you can do next.

I’ve been in a huge shrink-back this week myself.

This week we finished the inaugural round of Project Miracle.

This isn’t like finishing a regular class – which always leaves me hired, in a happy way. Project Miracle is bigger than that.

It’s a new way of working with transformation. It’s a big step in the evolution of my work so it demands a lot of me.

Like, I’m not teaching math. I don’t just show up and transmit information. I create containers for deep healing and transformation – most of the work happens far below the surface.

And as the creator and space-holder, I have to be in alignment with the work. Like – I have to walk my talk. Not just because I like integrity as a personal value but because the integrity of the program depends on it, the effectiveness of the program depends on it.

So, as my work takes this big step, I also have to take this big step.

And instead of taking that step, this week I shrank back.

Unconscious shrinking back becomes dream sabotage. Conscious shrinking back becomes that sacred pause that energizes you for the work ahead.

When you can stay present with your process, shrinking back is actually a good thing. It’s a way to pause and gather your magic.

So this past week I’ve been trying to stay in that sacred pause. Giving myself space to process all of the changes that brought me to where I am today.

This has NOT been a easy or smooth process. Staying present and making space for our feelings rarely is!

I was frustrated with myself for not moving forward, I was exhausted, I was crabby and started a fight with my husband.

The worst part is I lost all sense of believing in myself and my dreams.

But – when it comes to Inner Work the worst part is actually the best part.

Because what was actually happening while I felt like I lost the ability to believe in myself and my dreams is that I was making space for the doubt that I *always* carry with me, unconsciously.

It rose up and it felt like it was taking over because I had not been giving this particular pocket of self-doubt any space for some time. So it needed to growl and take up all the space it could once it had a chance.

And then it burned itself out.

Self doubt, fear, sadness – these things are not our essential nature. When we can make space for them they will flow through and actually leave you with more space inside of you for things that ARE your essential nature, like creativity, love, joy, wisdom, magic, power.

And now that I had that shrink-back/sacred pause, I feel ready to take these final steps towards my dream from a place of deeper connection to my true self, deeper connection to my inner gifts and resources.

I feel more ready for my next steps.

Some updates:

1. Project Miracle is going to be available as an on-demand program, starting next week. I mean – Miracles On Demand! How delightful is this?

Creative Dream Circle members get access to it automatically as a part of their membership. Everyone else can get Project Miracle for $99.

2. The cost of the Creative Dream Circle is going up to $363/year this summer.

I am adding a lot of new stuff (including a whole library of practices for working with that Dream Compass) and the circle asked for the price to go up to be more in alignment with the value of what’s in there, as a way of strengthening the container. (Unfortunately, one of the things I have not done yet is update the Circle page with all the new stuff – it’s coming!) 

I don’t know exactly when I will put the new price in place, just wanted to give you some notice if you’ve been thinking about joining us.