A free class about how to work with the fears that are too scary to face.

Everyone wants to release their fears and skip happily down the path to their dreams.

But that’s not how it works.

The path to your dream goes right through the thing you’re the most afraid of.

There are a lot of ways to handle this stuff and you can take the gentlest and most loving way possible – that’s what I do.

Today I’m teaching a free class about how to work with the fears that are too scary to face.

Today’s class is a part of Dreams & Angels. If you missed it, this is a free 5 day offering of love, for you and your dream. Together, we’ll explore:

* Connecting with your Dreams
* Dealing with the Fears & Doubts that come up with you work with your dreams
* Receiving Angelic Inspiration and guidance
* Attuning to your inner wisdom
* Figuring out what to actually DO and taking steps towards your dreams

Today is day 3, and today’s class is all about fear.

If you feel like fear is getting in the way of you moving towards your dreams COME TO THIS.

It’s happening live on Facebook at8am Pacific/10am Central/11am Eastern, but the replay will be available right away after so you can watch it any time.

The live stream will be shared in the discussion section of the Dreams & Angels event on Facebook and on the Creative Dream Incubator Facebook page and the Illuminating Souls Facebook page.

Dreams & Angels is a class I am teaching with my friend Laurel Bleadon-Maffei, an Angelic Practitioner. Laurel will be bringing love and support from the angels as we work through the fear.

I promise it will be a really beautiful experience.

See you there,