Dreams & Angels: watch all 5 video classes here

dreams + angels

Dreams & Angels was a free, 5 day offering of love and support for you and your dream. It happened on Facebook live and I am posting those videos here – but since I don’t control Facebook, the videos could disappear if their settings change (I have had that happen in the past with Facebook videos). So watch them while they’re here!

If you click the Facebook logo in the lower right corner of the videos, you can watch the video on Facebook and see everyone’s comments.

Day 1: Exploring your dream more deeply

Day 2: Connecting with the heart & soul of your dream

Day 3: How to face the fears that are too scary to face

(This one has some tech difficulties but we do work through the whole process and it is worth hanging in there! When you hit the parts with the weird noise, just move forward a bit)

Day 4: Soul whispers and working with inner wisdom

Day 5: Putting it all together and taking steps towards your dream