Emergency Post: When The Possibility Train Crashes

When you start to take steps towards possibility, at some point you’re going to run up against your comfort zone and that’s going to be anything but comfortable.

We explore what happens with this in depth in the Creative Dream Incubator.  How and why your comfort zone can hold you back from having what you want and, much more importantly, what to do about it. 

And we’ll learn techniques that stretch your comfort zone so that your dreams can fit inside it, in ways that feel safe, comfortable and do-able.

But right now what we’ll do is more of a quick fix kind of thing.

Here are some things to try when the Possibility Train Crashes, everything feels Impossible and you want to give up:

  • Get off the Train.  Admit that today just isn’t a good day and trying to force yourself to be positive about it isn’t helping.  Commit to doing what you can to get back on the train tomorrow, but not right now.  The possibility train crashed, get out of the wreckage before you get hurt.
  • Now that you’re off the train, practice Extreme Self-Care. When my possibility train crashed earlier this week, I made chai from scratch and then watched a silly movie.  When I used to have a job, these were the days I’d stop on the way to work to buy really luscious fruit (or chocolate!) to snack on, or bring my journal and collaging supplies so I could make collages during my coffee breaks. Check your List of Things That Lift Your Spirits. Be creative and find ways to meet yourself where you and give yourself what you need.
  • Remember that this is temporary.  Not one thing on this planet is permanent or has ever been permanent.  Why would your crappy mood be the first?
  • Spend some time in nature.  Even if you just step outside and 5 deep breaths.  Notice the sky above you and the earth beneath you and let them heal you.
  • Spend some time with your creativity.  Check out my Fabulous Free Stuff for workbooks and guided meditations that help you get into your creative zone.  Once when I was in a real funk I made a monster hat – embracing my crankiness while embracing my creativity – very satisfying!

franken-monster hat

  •  Remember the healing power of water.  Drink water and tea, take a bath or a shower or a steambath, go swimming or visit an ocean, river, lake or stream.
  • Use Magic.  Bach’s Rescue Remedy, aromatherapy, massage, Reiki, EFT, balancing herbal teas, healing circles. OMG there are so many helpful things out there.  Let them help you!
  • Move.  Walk, run, swim, play, sing, do yoga, dance, have sex.  Getting your blood flowing can sometimes be enough to shake a bad day.
  • Don’t move. Nap, meditate, spend the day in the bathtub.  There is something so satisfying about literally hiding under the covers.
  • Think about what you can do to make tomorrow a better day.  What would you-from-tomorrow-morning really love to wake up to? Fresh flowers by her bed? Tomorrow’s lunch already made and packed or an amazing breakfast cooking away in the slow cooker? A clean house? What gifts can you leave for yourself to help make it easier to get back on the possibility train tomorrow?

Above all else: remember that being in a terrible mood or not having things go the way you wanted them to does not mean that there is something wrong with you.

And it does not mean that actually what you want is NOT possible.

And it does not mean that there is something wrong with believing in possibility. 

It just means you’re being in a terrible mood or things aren’t going the way you’d hoped they would or having a crap day. 

Which means you’re human.