Forget resolutions. Introducing a whole Month of Possibility.

We’re going to start 2012 with magic sparkles and powerful intentions.

We’re going to start 2012 with a whole Month of Possibility.

A month filled with explorations, experiments, lessons, inspirations, clue-finding missions and special goodies that help you deepen your relationship with possibility.

Possibility is oxygen for your dreams.

Possibility is the lamp that helps you move through the hard parts.

Possibility can always find a shortcut.

Possibility holds the blueprints for the larger vision of what your life can be.

The problem with possibility is that it contains so much more than it looks like it contains.

It’s not as simple, or as shortsighted, as just saying “Yes!” and shouting “I Can Do It!”

And the really magic parts are, of course, hidden.

You’ve got to really dive in and explore if you want to find them.

You’ve got to stretch yourself, and your thinking, in new ways.

It’s not an easy journey to get there.  But when you open up, from the inside out, and really let possibility in – amazing things start to happen.

The Month of Possibility gives you the space and opportunity to do just that.

All month long I’ll be posting experiments, lessons, inspirations, clue-finding missions and special goodies to help you deepen your relationship with possibility, marinate in the magic and discover what amazing things can happen for you, when you open up to possibility, from the inside out.

What to do right now, to get your Month of Possibility started:

If public accountability is helpful for you – post in the comments here that you committing to join me in this adventure. (Yay!)

If not – make a silent commitment to yourself or a (real or imaginary) friend, stuffed animal, write it in your journal or do anything that works for you.

If you want to blog your Month of Possibility, link back to this post so your readers can follow along too.  And feel free to use the Month of Possibility button (again, link it to this post please!).

And don’t forget to join the Creative Magic Academy using the form over on your right so you don’t miss any of the Month of Possibility posts.

Your first assignment is to let this marinate.

We’re talking about exploring, stretching, diving.

Discovering new territory.

This is big stuff!  And the bigger the stuff, the smaller the first steps should be.

Think about:

What could happen if you deepened your relationship with possibility?  What might change, in your inner and outer worlds?

And all month we’ll explore, do experiments and find clues that can help you find create a new, deeper and more fulfilling relationship with possibility.

month of possibilitySpecial Goodies for the Month of Possibility: a kit, an adventure and a course.

Shimmering sparkling possibility enhancers.

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The Month of Possibility is not my only New Year’s Baby!

I also have a brand new kit for you: DreamSpark.

It’s a kit for Creative Dream Beginners. 

It’s a tender little baby step into the land of Creative Dreams. And it’s only $12. Read more and get the kit here.

[/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]Tuesday January 17 we will have our My Creative Dreams Are Possible Tele-Class.

I’m still calling it a tele-class but actually I am trying something totally new that I think will actually work better for everyone.

Details and the course recording goes out to all members of the Creative Magic Academy. If you’re not a member yet, sign up right here (it’s free!).
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You don’t need gazillions of dollars, a wall of fancy degrees, or superhuman powers (other than the ones you already have!) to make your dream come true.

You just need a space to nurture and accelerate your dream, from inception to expression to fruition.

You need a Creative Dream Incubator.

Creative Dream Incubator e-Course starts Jan 23 – six magical dream-growing self-nurturing weeks.  Details + registration are here.[/wpcol_1third_end]