I’m raising my prices

The short story is that I am raising the cost of annual membership in the Creative Dream Circle (to $199 US per year, from $147).

And I am creating a new shorter membership at a lower price ($99 for three months, with the option of upgrading to a full year for $130 at the end of the three months).

This shorter membership can be used as a payment plan for joining for the full year or as a chance to dip in, take a few classes and get a dream boost without committing to a full year.

The annual price goes up to $199 on April 28. The shorter membership is available starting today.

(For everyone who has already joined or will join at the $147 rate – your annual membership fee stays at $147 for as long as you are a member.)

And the cost of individual Creative Dream Coaching Circles will go from $25 to $30 on April 28.

I do feel compelled to say more about this because, as I’ve been blogging about lately,  I think transparency and vulnerability are very needed in this line of work.

But I’m not entirely sure about what to say here.

I know my prices are on the lower end of the scale for this kind of work. And this is not a big price increase, but I still spent a lot of time on this decision.

It’s not because I doubt my worth or the value of the classes and resources in the Creative Dream Circle.

My “big dream” is to live in a way that lights me up and do work that lights me up. To just me as true to myself as I can be.

And raising the price has felt true for some time, but I have not known how to do it – like what to raise it to or when to raise it.

I mean – price increases are a part of being in business. Costs do go up over time. But big, hype-y price increases are a tool of the online business sleaze that I don’t want to be a part of.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time connecting with the heart and soul of the Creative Dream Circle and it’s purpose for being a support system for growing dreams. And asking the questions and waiting for the answers.

Obviously, (I hope!) my aim is not to just charge as much as I think I can get away with. My aim is congruence – to find the pricing structure that felt true.

I take my job as the caretaker of the Creative Dream Circle very seriously – not just as in participating and creating content – but keeping an eye on the bigger picture. The back-end systems. The software.

This is a place where magic grows every day and I want to keep it happy and sustainable – occasional price increases are just one part of all of that.

I am switching to this new system today – so I can start offering the shorter memberships today.

The heart and soul of the Creative Dream Circle is so excited about the new shorter memberships for people who don’t want to join for a full year but still want to get a “dream boost”.

But I know at any given time people are thinking about joining the Creative Dream Circle and I wanted to give those people lots of time to join at the current price.

I don’t want to pressure anyone into joining just because the price is changing!

I want you to join because you’re ready to join and the timing is right and you’re excited to take some steps towards your dream, you know? At $199 it’s still a tremendous value.

So until April 28 I’ll still offer the $147/year price.

Check it out here.

I'm raising my prices Let's be honest - pricing is weird! Especially for this kind of thing.