One Million Amazing Discoveries

Last week I participated in one of the Shannon Wilkinson’s Explore and Play calls (follow the link to sign up! They’re free!) at Perception Studios about sticky beliefs and how to un-stick them. That call totally inspired this.

So there’s thing thing I’ve been working on. Blah blah blah yaddayaddayadda… this dream that I want to HAVE RIGHT NOW still feels kind of far off. Boo!

So I’m making lots of mapsAt the end of the map-making process there is this part where you step into the dream.  Where the “I am here” starting point becomes the destination point and the affirmation that you are already there.  That part is really important even though we tend to focus more on the other part – the part where you create a path leading you to where you want to be.

So, I was on this magically inspiring call with Shannon working on this sticky belief that I’m just not there yet.  And she had us turn it around, write out the opposite of each word, and I got:


Which I experienced as a sparkling message from the heavens.   So I made a whole Dream Map just about that.  Skipping the whole beginning part about finding my way, and making it be just about being here now and exploring the terrain of being here now.

Which lead to about a million amazing discoveries.

About what is here with me and what I can do with it. (So much!) And what I need to be doing differently in order to be the me who is here now.

Of course, I had a cranky little voice speak up and explain how I can’t just SAY I’m here, life doesn’t work that way.  And we talked it out.

And I learned what is important about being HERE. Amazing things like how there is more boldness here and what worked when I was THERE does not work now that I am HERE. And that I have so many new tools here! Tools that do fantastical things!

And permission!

Holy crap! The permission to just let go of all of that I’m not there yet stuff.

Nothing to work through.  It’s just gone.  Because I am here now.

new creative dream map

The map also contains messages about what is being asked of me, now that I am HERE.

A radical shift in perspective and approach and thinking.

That there is the magic is stating I AM HERE.  That is why the Map-Making Process in the Map Kit ends with this step.  You might not physically be here now but if you can step into it – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – you can get a whole new perspective.

Then you can understand what it is you have to do to make this dream real.

You can see through all of the false starts to the path you took – the one that actually got you here. 

You know what you need to do to make it all work.  You know which tools to get and which ones you don’t need.

It’s a playful way of accessing CrazySmart Intuitive Guidance.

CRAZYSMART.  It takes the question “How do I get what I want?” and turns it upside down and then the most amazing insights fall out of it’s pockets.

And it works because you’re just playing – this is how you sneak past your logical mind and the voices that say “I don’t know“.

Oh! Plus, as you can see, I got a crown and a flowy purple cape. Yay!  This is one of my favourite DREAM MAPS ever.

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Ready to make your own CrazySmart Map?

When you tap into your genius and sketch out a visual MAP to bring your dreams to life – miracles happen.

Everything becomes clearer. Support shows up. You begin taking confident steps into your dreams. You can SEE them, on paper — taking shape, before your eyes.

All of a sudden, it’s almost easy.

>>> Get the kit!

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Want me to help you grow your dream?

Creative Dream Strategy Sessions:

You get the DREAM MAP KIT plus a one-on-one session with me!


With CREATIVITY, MAGIC, PLAY and EASE as the icing on the cupcake.

And on sale at a special price until February 29.

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  1. Gin on February 23, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    This is great, Andrea! Thank you for sharing this. (and I love the crown and cape!)

  2. Lee Ann Monat on February 23, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    This is something to think about! I have been finding that I am in a certain space right now that is totally new…and the old me doesn’t quite fit…but I haven’t fully stepped into the future yet either. So maybe by declaring I am her now will free me up to BE HERE NOW!

  3. R&R Sandwich - Perception Studios on March 5, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    […] loved reading Andrea’s post, One Million Amazing Discoveries, about how the most recent Explore & Play call inspired her. It’s truly one of my most […]

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