The world needs our dreams, now more than ever. 

Almost a year ago, my dream started telling me it’s time to change, that it was time for the Creative Dream Incubator to evolve.

I spent a lot of months listening and exploring as my dream kept pushing me to dig deeper and deeper into what is really possible when we come together to work with our dreams.

Like, your dream isn’t really about your dream.

Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your True Self. Your dream is here to grow you.

And, I think my dream started making more demands of me because we are all being called to grow right now. Like – time’s up. We need to stop destroying the planet, and each other. We need equality for all.

We need to build a world where there is space for everyone to thrive because everyone’s unique gifts are needed.

And while this feels like an impossibly big job, I believe that we have to start with ourselves. When we work on getting into alignment with our inner power we increase our capacity to serve, in whatever way we were meant to serve.

So while I’ve been doing all of this exploring and re-creating of the Creative Dream Incubator this year, I’ve been putting the new work out there gradually.

The new free class I added this year, Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True creates the new foundation and Project Miracle leads you in the process of doing deeper into your own magic and ability to create the change you want.

And as always the deepest work I do is in the Creative Dream Circle, which just got a makeover.

This is where we gather together and do the deep work of becoming who we really are.

But how do we do that, exactly?

The Creative Dream Circle works differently depending on where you’re at on your journey. Follow the links below to find out more about how the Circle can help you where you are now:

Or you can find our more about what’s in the Creative Dream Circle right here.

The cost of the Creative Dream Circle is going to go up by the end of summer – I am still not sure exactly when this will be, but want to give as much notice as possible.

Every day I am blown away by the magic that is sparked when dreamers come together like this.

I am so grateful that creating + tending to the Creative Dream Circle is my job and I would be honoured if you would think about joining us and adding your magic to the mix,


PS: You’re coming to Dreams & Angels, right? It starts Monday!!!

It’s a free 5 day offering of love, for you and your dream. Together, we’ll explore:

* Connecting with your Dreams
* Dealing with the Fears & Doubts that come up with you work with your dreams
* Receiving Angelic Inspiration and guidance
* Attuning to your inner wisdom
* Figuring out what to actually DO and taking steps towards your dreams

dreams + angels

Join us here.