Project Miracle: Calling in that shift that will change *everything*

You need a breakthrough.

It's easy to feel like a failure when you've got a big dream and you struggle to make it happen.

But of course you're not a failure. This is just a part of the nature of being a dreamer - it takes a LOT of time, working and inner growth to hold onto a vision while you build the path that leads from where you are to where you want to be.

It's hard for everyone.

Everyone feels like giving up sometimes. Everyone feels like a failure sometimes!

Each time we stumble with our dreams, we learn, we grow, and we emerge better equipped to try again.

So stumbling is GOOD. It means you tried something that was outside of your comfort zone!

Which I'm sure you already understand on an intellectual level... but that doesn't change the fact that it's super shitty to FEEL LIKE a failure.

I am using the world stumble as a kind of catch-all for all the places where we trip and fall on the way to our dreams, like:

  • A creative dream not growing as fast as you want it to.
  • Not being sure what your dreams are.
  • When you know what you want but don't know how to get there.
  • When you try something and it doesn't work the way you'd hoped.
  • When you're working hard on your dreams and it feels like no matter what you do - no one cares.
  • When you're NOT working hard on your dreams because procrastination or perfectionism have taken over.

I stumble in some way almost every day!

I am always reaching for my dreams which means I always reaching beyond where I am. Of course this doesn't always work out like I hope it will!

Sometimes this triggers my Inner Critic who feels that I am not doing anything good enough and maybe I'm not good enough and I should just give up.

Sometimes it sparks a tsunami of self-doubt which makes me second guess everything I do, leaves me feeling unsettled and sad and encourages me to shrink my dreams and plans.

It's OK if things are not going the way you'd hoped.

Stumbling is an inevitable part of the process of making a dream real. We ALL do it.

And it's OK if you feel shitty that things are not going the way you'd hoped!

You do NOT have to be super positive or accepting about it. Your dreams are so important! Of course it hurts when things are not going the way you want them to.

This is the Inner Work of making a dream real: handling our hurt feelings when we stumble and bringing healing and light in so we can heal, grow and move forward.

These places where you stumble are actually fertile ground for growing your dreams. It's an opportunity for a breakthrough.

And this is what Project Miracle is all about! Project Miracle is a 30 day creative ceremony and support system for going deep into the creative process of miracle-making.

Of course this is not airy-fairy-spiritual-by-pass-praying-for-a-miracle stuff here! This is about doing the deep work of moving yourself towards your own truth and making space for the miracles that emerge in that process.

Project Miracle is for people who believe in the magic of their dreams and are ready for something to change.

While wishing for a miracle hardly feels like a practical plan - the truth is that summoning a miracle is always within your reach.

This is because a miracle, or a shift in perception, is always a shift towards your inner truth.

You always have it in you to shift more towards your self. And you are always going to find magic in that.

Your dreams are calling, now louder than ever. Your dreams are calling you to be as connected to your True Self as deeply as possible.

This is where you find the power, creativity and ingenuity to change your world, and the world around you.

You ARE ready for this.

No matter where you are, you are always ready for your next step. And no matter where you are, there are always miracles waiting for you.

In fact, most people who sign up for Project Miracle receive their first miracle in the first few days!

This seems incredulous until you look more deeply at what is happening.

When you make the commitment to show up, and I mean really show up, (that's the part that you bring) and when you've got a sturdy container to hold deep you in the process of transformation growth (that's the part that Project Miracle provides) - everything starts to change.

You hold so much magic and possibility in you.

This is what your dreams are calling you towards: living as the ridiculously magical being that you are.

So Project Miracle doesn't make miracles happen, it creates space for your truth to unfold. And you will always find miracles in that.

I have done everything I can to make the Miracle Process as engaging and playful as possible, to make it easier for you to show up and dig in deeper than you ever have before.

This is what it looks like:

PLAY your way to your miracle!

Project Miracle is a 30 day creative ceremony and support system for going deep into the creative process of miracle-making.

Our tools: energy alchemy meditations and creative journaling. You'll get guided meditations and printable journaling sheets to guide you through each step of the process.

The simplest way to explain it is that you're going to do a Miracle Practice, every day for the 30 days.

Step by step these practices will lead you right into your miracle.

In total I'll share twelve different Miracle Practices with you (I introduce them one at a time, so you can try one before moving on to the next one) while leading you through the process of developing your own unique Miracle Practice.

As a creative person, you probably don't just want to follow someone else's instructions. You want to create your own way!

So in Project Miracle, you get lots of CHOICE. I provide enough structure to make space for you to get what you want to receive from this, while leaving enough space for you to discover your own unique way of working with miracles.

So once you learn a new practice you add it to your personal library of Miracle Practices. Then, each day you can do the practice I suggest for that day, or you can choose the practice that feels most appropriate for you for that day.

So you'll get an email each day with instructions, encouragement, and links to the tools you'll be working with to build your miracle.

The first few days we do some foundational practices together, and then as we progress you'll have more and more choice about how you want to move through the program.

There is a private classroom so you'll have a place to ask questions, share your stories and get support.

This is what you'll need:

  • On Day 1 you need 45 minutes to watch the first class and get yourself ready to begin your journey
  • After that, you will need 15 minutes per day to do the daily practices (plus the time it takes to read the emails, and get yourself ready to meditate and journal) of course you can always devote more time to exploring more deeply.
  • A computer, tablet or phone with internet access - to download the journaling sheets, watch videos and listen to meditations (it's all streaming)
  • A printer to print out the journaling sheets OR you can use my sheets as a reference and do the work in your own journal
  • [optional] pencil crayons or markers - there are some colouring meditations (which you can skip if you hate colouring!)

This is what you get:

  • 20 minute Miracle Class (video) where I show you how it all works
  • Daily emails (for 30 days) where I walk you through the process, step-by-step. And you can hit reply to any of them to ask me your questions if you get stuck at any point.
  • 9 Energy Alchemy meditations for working with your miracle, getting ready to receive your miracle and calling it in
  • 12 Miracle Journaling Sheets to generate all the Ah-HAH moments you could want
  • Private online classroom for asking questions, sharing stories and seeing how others are working with this process.
  • Access to my entire Creative Dream Circle for the 30 days that you are in Project Miracle - all the classes, tools and support you could need, including live coaching calls.
  • Daily check-ins in a private blog only for Creative Dream Circle members! I post every day, Monday-Friday, to share what I am doing in my ongoing practice, and invite you to join me in the comments section -> the comments section on this private blog is a "Miracle Mastermind Group" and it's amazing.


Project Miracle is designed to make it easier and more fun for you to stay engaged, so everything is playful, encouraging and supportive.

And you don't even have to feel ready!

Project Miracle supports you where you actually are right now (no "fake it 'till you make it just think positive and everything will work out” nonsense) and helps guide you through the work of re-orienting yourself to get to where you want to be.

There is lots of space to be stuck, feel scared or doubt yourself... and still get your miracle in the end.

But let's not pretend this will all be fun and games. Miracle work is deep work.

To fully receive your miracle, you have to face what's in the way of it.

This might be an out of control inner critic, a limiting belief you didn't even know you had, a fear of really stepping up and being seen.

Whatever it is, it's probably going to be uncomfortable.

For some of you, this thing is actually something that stops you from being able to fully participate in something like this. You sign up for things, and then don't finish them. Sometimes you don't even really start them.

Lucky for you, I have a special class just for that, and it's included as a special bonus in Project Miracle:

So if you sign up for Project Miracle and then just ignore my daily emails because your procrastination avoidance monster takes over - know that you can always open one of them, and you'll find a link to the Help! I'm Having Trouble Getting Started video class.

This thing is magic.

People who struggle to start other classes find it easier to get to this one.

I think because you can feel that it's going to meet you where you are, in that place of struggling to show up.

I mean, there is a REASON why you're having a hard time getting started, and that reason is valid.

You can't just push yourself to start anyway. And you can't just wait for this thing to resolve itself, because that's not going to happen.

You have to meet it. That part of you who holds back and doesn't dive in.

I'll help you meet it with love and compassion and we'll find a genius way to shift this pattern so that you are free to follow through on the things you want to do.

And those of you who don't have trouble getting started but sometimes get stuck and give up on things? I've got you covered too.

Project Miracle isn't the kind of class where you download everything and save it on your computer for that magical day when you somehow have more time for stuff like this.

Project Miracle is a 30 day ceremony for doing the deep work. At the end of the 30 days, it's done. At the end of the 30 days, either you showed up and did your best or you didn't.

The reason why it's hard to show up isn't what you think it is.

It's not because you're too busy or whatever story you tell yourself about why you don't finish things.

It's because deep work, real inner change, is terrifying. So we ALL tend to stop when we're about to hit on something especially scary.

But those especially scary places are the places that hold the most magic and possibility.

THIS is exactly where your miracle is going to come from.

So the Help! I'm Stuck With My Miracle class is actually a really important part of Project Miracle. I am assuming you're going to need it at some point.

So this is where I meet you in that scary place, help you bring love and healing into it so that you can pull your miracle out of this dark pit of stuck.


It doesn't matter where or how or how often you get stuck.

There is *so much support* in Project Miracle for getting un-stuck, for bringing love and healing to the parts of you who need it, for building yourself up to be ready and able to receive your miracle.

This is the real work of making dreams real, and I am thrilled to share it with you.

Again, during Project Miracle you get an email from me every day for 30 days. Hit reply to any of those emails to ask me questions if you get stuck with anything. I'm here with you!


Interested, but not sure how Project Miracle can help you?

Email me right here and let me know what's happening with you. I'm happy to give you more details about how you can use Project Miracle for your specific situation.


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what's included in Project Miracle


Here's the fine print:

Project Miracle costs $99 USD.

Project Miracle is a transformational experience that supports you in calling in the shift you need right now. In order to create and maintain the container that allows this deep transformative work to happen, all participants must read + agree to the following Guidelines + Policies.