Project Miracle: Calling in that shift that will change *everything*

Project Miracle is for people who believe in the magic of their dreams and are ready for something to change.

While wishing for a miracle hardly feels like a practical plan - the truth is that summoning a miracle is always within your reach.

This is because a miracle, or a shift in perception, is always a shift towards your inner truth.

You always have it in you to shift more towards your self. And you are always going to find magic in that.

So I'm not talking about airy-fairy-spiritual-by-pass-praying-for-a-miracle stuff here, I am talking about doing the deep work of moving yourself towards your own truth and making space for the miracles that emerge in that process.

Project Miracle is a 30 day creative ceremony and support system for going deep into the creative process of miracle-making.

Project Miracle is "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style" because following a path that someone else lays out for you is never going to lead to your own freedom, healing, and transformation.

So you'll get an email each day with instructions, encouragement, and links to the tools you'll be working with to build your miracle.  The first few days we do some foundational practices together, and then as we progress you'll have more and more choice about how you want to move through the program.

Here's what you'll need:

  • about 15 minutes per day to do the daily practices (plus the time it takes to read the emails, and get yourself ready to meditate and journal, and on Day 1 you'll need 30-45 minutes to get started)
  • a computer or phone with internet access - to download the journaling sheets, watch videos and listen to meditations (it's all streaming)
  • a printer to print out the journaling sheets OR you can use my sheets as a reference and do the work in your own journal
  • [optional] pencil crayons or markers - there are some colouring meditations (which you can skip if you hate colouring!)

There is a private classroom so you'll have a place to ask questions, share your stories and get support.

And you don't even have to feel ready!

Project Miracle supports you where you actually are right now (no "fake it 'till you make it just think positive and everything will work out” nonsense) and helps guide you through the work of re-orienting yourself to get to where you want to be.

There is lots of space to be stuck, feel scared or doubt yourself... and still get your miracle in the end.

Interested, but not sure how Project Miracle can help you?

Email me right here and let me know what's happening with you. I'm happy to give you more details about how you can use Project Miracle for your specific situation.


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Here's the fine print:

Project Miracle costs $99 USD.

Project Miracle is a transformational experience that supports you in calling in the shift you need right now. In order to create and maintain the container that allows this deep transformative work to happen, all participants must read + agree to the following Guidelines + Policies.