We all have ways that we hide and hold back from sharing our brightest creative gifts with the world.

You probably know what your patterns are. You may even be stuck in one of them right now.

I get it! Visibility can be terrifying.

Putting your creative heart out there on display is NOT for the weak of heart.

And yet... and yet...

Just hiding away and not sharing your creative gifts isn't an option either. Your creative spirit speaks way too loud for that to be a real option.

Instead of getting all tangled up in how awkward visibility is, I am inviting you to join me in PLAYING with these places where you hide and hold back.

Let’s work on this together!

Let's experiment and explore and see where we can open up new possibilities for HOW we put ourselves out there!

The only rules:

  • No pushing or forcing.
  • No fake it till you make it.
  • Full on authenticity and wholehearted sharing.

You can be afraid. You can doubt yourself. You can feel not ready!

AND you can still shine your light.

The world is waiting…

Signal Boost is a Coaching Group for Artists, World-Changers and Dreamers.

Our aim: to untangle the tangles we all get into around visibility to support your important work of sharing your gifts with the world. 

This is a three week coaching group, from March 4 - 31, with follow-up support until April 4.




What is it that you've been wanting to do?

Start a You Tube channel? Write to your blog more regularly? Start a newsletter? Create memes to share on Facebook? Get your art into a gallery show? Take it all to the next level?

What is it that is stopping you?

Lack of skills or technical know-how? Shyness? Feeling awkward about self-promotion? Procrastination? Perfectionism? Just not having a clue where to begin?

These are the same things that stop all dreamers from moving forward with their dreams.

I say that in the most calming and encouraging way possible because it means that other people have faced all of these obstacles and found ways through and you will too!

It's not easy to share your unique voice with the world.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it. It's ok that you don't know how. It's ok if you feel awkward about it.

This is ALL a part of the process of starting.

What makes it easier?

Coaching groups like this!

NOT doing it alone.

Support for brainstorming and accountability.

Judgement-free space to experiment and explore.


Effective tools and support for working through the layers of self-doubt and uncertainty that make it hard to take outer steps.

So let's do this...

The details:

This is a 3 week coaching group, from March 4 to 31, with follow up support until April 5.

The cost is $99 USD, this gives you:

  • The three coaching calls + recordings
  • Online support in between the calls on our private site
  • A whole library of Creative Dream Alchemy tools you can use for untangling your inner tangles around outer visibility
  • Access to ALL of my other courses inside the Creative Dream Circle, from to March 4 to April 5.
  • All of the details are explained in the Group Coaching Policies + Guidelines.

The calls happen on: March 4, 11 and 18 at 11 am Central (you can see this in your time zone right here) **This group is designed to work whether you are attending live or working with the recordings**

(NOTE: If you're already a member of the Creative Dream Circle you can join this group for free :)

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If you are new to the Creative Dream Incubator I recommend doing my free class on Creative Dream Alchemy: Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True.

In this coaching group, we're going to go deep into the process of using Creative Dream Alchemy to FREE your inner voice.

So it will be very helpful to have the basics down first, that's what I teach in this free class.

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