You know what you want and you're ready to go after it. Yay!

The world needs dreamers, now more than ever!

But there's probably an obstacle in your way, like:

  • not enough money or time to pull it off
  • fear, doubts, inner critics, a limiting belief you just can't shake
  • a sense that maybe you're not ready
  • you don't even know what the obstacle is but things are not coming together the way you want them to

Having an obstacle between you and your dream is such a vulnerable thing.

The obstacle can feel like this harsh reminder that you don’t always have it and you don’t even know how to make it happen.

It’s like a sign from the universe that says NO DREAMS FOR YOU.

From the time when I first started trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I always knew I wanted to be creative and free.

But there were never any “just be creative and free and we’ll pay you a good wage” jobs in the newspaper. (OMG it’s been so long since I looked for a job - do people even use the newspaper to look for work anymore?)

While I always had that drive to pursue my dreams, I never knew how to get there.

My best idea was to visualize and pray for some kind of patron to discover me and give me a career doing what I wanted to do.

That drive to pursue my dream led me to burn out trying and failing, which eventually led me to discover the work that would eventually become my work. I started taking classes in spiritual, personal and emotional growth because I was just so depleted from failing at everything.

At the time I secretly hoped I could discover the RIGHT way to pray for that magic patron to find me to get me out of this mess.

Instead I discovered that actually facing the obstacle, and all of my awkward and painful feelings about it, WAS the way through. I spent the next seven years going deep into all of that mess, untangling my inner patterns, bringing love and healing to my doubts and fears and forging a whole new relationship with my inner critic.

I have been on every side of this.

I have felt too small to be able to get over my huge mountain-sized obstacles, I have felt impossibly stuck, I have felt deep faith in my purpose and I have felt so full of possibility and magic that I could burst.

I have deeply and wildly resisted facing my obstacles because I was too scared to admit to myself how scared I was.

And I have bravely worked through things I thought would hold me back forever.

And now I know FOR SURE that working with your obstacle is the fastest route to growth, healing and dreams come true.

Turning the Obstacle into the Way Through: Alchemy for Artists, World-Changers + Dreamers is a supportive creative cocoon for facing the hard stuff and coming out stronger on the other side.

This is a 3 week coaching group, from Feb 4 to 24 - with extra follow-up support until March 5.

If you've got an obstacle and you're ready to NOT have it - this is for YOU!

This is not going to be easy. I mean you are going to get uncomfortable.

This isn't about positive thinking and visualizing while sitting on your yoga mat and waiting for your dream to materialize right in front of you.

This is about digging into the deep inner work.

You will have a TON of love and support and tools - I'll do everything I can to help - but you are still the one who has to do this work.

This is a coaching group - we'll work with what YOU bring.

I'm not going to make you work through a bunch of exercises that may or may not apply to you and your situation.

You'll just focus on working with your obstacle and transforming it into your way through.

You'll have access to ALL of my alchemy processes and classes and I'll help you pick which ones to work with and how to work with them.

You'll have tons of support.

HOW you participate is 100% up to you. You can do everything on your own in your journal or you can be sharing on our private website every day or anything in between.

The group is designed to work for you, if you are attending the live calls or not.

How much time you give this is up to you. I recommend 10-15 minutes per day minimum, plus an hour each week for the coaching calls.

Your process will be unique.

Alchemy is not a cookie cutter kind of thing so everyone in the group will be doing their own thing but it's AMAZING how we can inspire and nourish each other by doing this work together.

This is the true heart of alchemy: transforming the crappy thing in front of you into the dreamy thing you want.

At the end of our time together you will know exactly what you need to do next.

You will understand how to work WITH your obstacle, instead of letting it stop you.

No more waiting around for things to change before you can do what you want to do!

You'll be able to keep MOVING with your dream.

Details + Registration:

This is a 3 week coaching group, from Feb 4 to 24.

The cost is $99 USD, this gives you:

  • The three coaching calls + recordings
  • Online support in between the calls
  • A whole library of Creative Dream Alchemy tools for transforming your obstacle
  • Daily posts from me (Monday-Friday) where I share how I'm using the Creative Dream Alchemy library to work through my obstacles
  • Access to ALL of my other courses inside the Creative Dream Circle, from Feb 4 to March 5.
  • All of the details are explained in the Group Coaching Policies + Guidelines.

The calls happen on: Feb 4, 11 and 18 at 1 pm Central (you can see this in your time zone right here)

**This group is designed to work whether you are attending live or working with the recordings**

This group is in session and registration is closed. If you want to find out when we do this again you can sign up for my emails and get my free class on Creative Dream Alchemy right here.

(NOTE: If you're already a member of the Creative Dream Circle you can join this group for free :)

Want to know how this can help YOU and your dream?

Let's talk about it! Let me know what kind of obstacle(s) you're facing....

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If you are new to the Creative Dream Incubator I recommend doing my free class on Creative Dream Alchemy: Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True.

In this coaching group, we're going to go DEEP into the process of using Creative Dream Alchemy to transform the obstacle into the way through.

So it will be very helpful to have the basics down first, that's what I teach in this free class.

Sign up for it right here.