Space + Support for mapping out your next steps. And Alchemy + Magic for making amazing things happen.

This free class is open to all dreamers, everywhere - from the greenest newbies to the most seasoned dreamers.

We all benefit from time spent in supportive creative community, visioning, connecting with our magic and making space for the dreams that are ready to emerge next.

I would be delighted if you would be a part of it. We are stronger together.


If you don't know me yet - hello! I'm Andrea Schroeder from the Creative Dream Incubator.

I've been teaching creative people how to make their dreams real in the Creative Dream Incubator full time for 8 years. I am proud of this!

I believe that your dream is how your soul calls you towards your True Self and that this is some of the most important work we do. So I created a framework for tapping into your inner magic and using it to bring your dreams to life - it's called Creative Dream Alchemy and I offer a free class showing how to use it here.

My intention for this class is to create an empowering and inspiring space for creative dreamers to get some nourishment and inspiration to keep going on your path.

What I want for 2019 is to see creative dreamers and dreams come alive brighter than ever before.

I think the world needs our dreams, now more than ever.

The live class happened on Dec. 14. It was AMAZING!

So when you sign up you get instant access to the class recording and the playbook.

They will be available - for free - until Jan 11. After that they'll be a part of the Year of Dreams 2019.

The people who showed up for the live class REALLY showed up- with amazing questions, emotional depth and a willingness to dive deep into the process.

Together we made an amazing class. I am so proud of this!

You get a 90 minute video class and 4 page playbook.

During the video class I lead you through a visioning process for exploring what it is you want to focus on in 2019. Then we're going to do some Alchemy Work with your vision to call in more clarity for making plans and nourishment for giving your dreams what they need to grow in the new year.

Throughout the class of course we had DELICIOUS group discussions and explorations. It always amazing me how deeply we can inspire and nourish each other in groups like this.

You can expect to leave feeling nourished, inspired and like anything is possible for you if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Yes this is an *actual class* that I put my heart and soul into creating.

You know that feeling of signing up for a free thing and then bracing yourself for the big sales pitch that comes at the end? That's not the vibe I'm going for here. So I'm going to be totally up-front:

At the end of this class I will offer you one week free in my 52 week program: The Year of Dreams 2019.

Because what I teach is so different from what anyone else is doing, and also because I'm not a great salesperson, I've decided to offer a free sample instead of trying to come up with some big sales pitch.

Sounds good? Let's do this then!

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