✨ Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice

Think of what you love most about your work.

Think about why you do your work.

Imagine all of this as a ball of light that represents the soul of your work.

How does this ball of light want to shine out into the world?

That is Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual practice.

Connecting with your own inner truth and the soul of your work, and then using your creativity to express and share that in your unique way.

Most marketing approaches focus on tools, strategies and most of all - results.

I believe we need space away from that, to be with our own truth, in order to find our own way. Not that the results aren’t important, but that we can’t start there.

That’s what Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice is all about.

I do have a guided alchemy meditation for this, and lots of thoughts on what it means to develop a practice of writing, exploring, creating + playing to create marketing content that shines that light in a way that it lands right in front of the people that it was meant for.

We do a monthly call where we do the meditation together, and then - talk! We talk about what’s hard about figuring this out and what’s inspiring us and what we’re excited about trying and how things are working. We ask each other questions and share ideas about the tools and strategies we’re trying.

Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual practice started in November 2022 as an experiment, and I’ll be doing a monthly call for this for all of 2023. This is available to all members of Dream Book. Join today and you can binge on all of the call replays.