Creative Dream TV: How to build your Online Empire

This week's question is from a Creative Dreamer who has been doing free, in-person art + yoga workshops and wants to know how to transition to a paid, online art + yoga community.

Resources for bringing your in-person gig online (or starting something new online!)

279 Days to Overnight Success: Excellent free e-book about building an audience online

Unveiling the Heart of your Business: Not specifically about online stuff, but HIGHLY recommended for heart-centered business-growing (or click on "new here" to get to to a free introductory kit)

Creative Dream Circle which includes my  Creative Dream Incubator for growing your dream from the inside out AND my Creative BUSINESS Incubator for how to grow your business with creativity, heart and soul - plus TONS of videos on everything I've learned in building my online business.

For your website:

If you're not sure how to start, start with Wordpress.  It's free to get started right here.

Eventually you will want to upgrade to a not-free, self-hosted Wordpress site.  When you do that:

Wendy Cholbi: Quality kits/courses for learning how to set up your own wordpress website and lots of free goodies for getting started.

Simply Juicy Websites: If you'd rather have someone else design your wordpress website and get it set up for you.

Doing e-Courses and selling kits:

When it comes to figuring out how to actually do my workshops online, I started by taking other people's e-courses to see how they did it.  Then I googled all of my questions and explored the options.

If you want to sell kits or kits, workbooks or audio files through your website, I recommend E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery.  It's a really simple way to get started.

For courses I've tried a lot of different things with varying degrees of success.

Now I use my favourite thing of everything I have ever used which is Simplero which is as it sounds: SIMPLE!  It does everything I need to sell things and it hosts the Creative Dream Circle's 77 (!) courses, tools + resources.

About all of these decisions you have to make

It can be really easy to get caught up in all of these choices, and wait until you are sure you're making the right choice, before moving ahead.

Don't Do This.

You'll figure it out as you go.

You can change stuff as you go!

You are either moving forward or not be moving forward.  Getting caught up making "the right choice" is a way to stop yourself from moving forward.

You can do this!