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30 Day Creative Journal Challenge

30 Day Creative Journal Challenge

Do the 30 day creative journal challenge with me!!30 day journal challenge

You get an email every day for 30 days with a link to a video where I share what I'm exploring in my journal.

It started as a challenge to myself: to make a daily video to share my journaling practice more openly. I did this in 2013 and now here we are in 2019 and people are still using those videos to journal along with me!

People keep telling me how helpful and inspiring it is to not be all alone in their journaling - some people have done this several times and learn new things about themselves each time.

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Why a 30 day Journal Challenge:

You already know that journaling is magic. That journaling helps you feel more centred, peaceful and sure of yourself. It helps you hear your inner voice more clearly.

Journaling helps you connect with your dreams!

A 30 day journal Challenge will help you:

Develop a habit of journaling every day (or close to it) so that you can get MORE of the amazing benefits of journaling.

Stick with your journaling practice when you want to give up. We ALL want to give up sometimes - but those times, when it feels really hard to journal, are actually the times when there are the most insights to be had.

(I show you EXACTLY how this works during the 30 day journal challenge)

HAVE MORE FUN in your journal and get new ideas for how to journal.

Sign up here and you'll get the rest of the videos sent to you over the next 29 days!