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Your dream lives at the intersection of your authentic self, your creativity and your soul purpose - so when you dive in deeper to your dream you end up diving in deeper to your SELF. This means that the path to your dream can get pretty complicated!

This is a compilation of my best free advice for how to work with this stuff.

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Then - check out these "Creative Dream Must-Reads":

How Change Works: bringing any dream to life means working consciously with change so it's good to understand how it works!

Resistance: no one wants to read about or think about resistance but it is the real reason why you don't already have what you want or are at least on your way there.  Understanding this will make a big difference to how you approach your dreams.

Read Why Journal?

How to get out of your comfort zone: your dream is out of your (current) comfort zone so you're going to have to get out of there in order to get your dream!

And check out How To Draw Mandalas to learn this fun, creative way of getting in touch with your intuition - which is where all of your best creative dream advice is going to come from.

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I think I have a dream but I don' t know what it is.

Watch What If I Don't Know What My Dream Is? and read What If I Don't Know What My Dream Is? (yes the video and the blog post have the same title but are a little different)

Do Creative Journal Prompts For Finding Your Dream.

Do my Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True class and use "finding my dream" as the dream you're working with - you'll learn new things about what you really want.

I don't know what to do to make my dream real.

Watch Why It's So Hard To Get Started And What To Do About It

Dreamtastic Creative Journal class is a 30 day class for using your journal to grow your dream.  Follow the whole 30 days and you'll end up with some ideas for things to try.

Again - learn How To Draw Mandalas to use as a tool for listening to your intuition - your inner wisdom does know how to make your dream real.

Work with the Creative Dream Visualization Guided Meditation regularly to help you connect with your dream and open up some new possibilities.

Do my Give Your Dream Wings class and keep doing that 10 minute practice you learn in that class - if you meet with your dream every day like this you will start to know what to do.

Do the 30 day Creative Emergence class.  Follow the whole 30 days and pay attention to what comes up - a plan will emerge!

I'm just totally stuck.

Watch How To Handle Limiting Beliefs, Fears and Doubts

Watch and How To Cure Panic + Freakouts On Route To Your Dream and When You Have Obstacles In Your Way and The Creative Dream Success Principle.

Watch There is Nothing In Your Way. Dissolving Obstacles On The Path To Your Dream and How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels.

Do these Creative Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear.

I don't have enough time/money/support to make my dream real.

Watch What If You Can't Afford The Kind Of Support You Need To Make Your Dream Real and click through the to other video I link to there about your infinite potential and how it means everything is possible for you.

Watch Creative Dreams + Money.

Do these Creative Journal Prompts for Growing Money, Abundance and Possibility.

Watch No Time For Your Dream? Time Management Is Not Your Problem.

I started working on my dream, but I'm afraid I'm not good enough/it's impossible.

This post on How to Deal With Fear/Doubt/Uncertainty will help.

You Are Loved Guided Journal + Colouring Book can help bolster your self-esteem.

Listen to the My Dreams Are Possible tele-class.

Watch The Magic Of Believing In Yourself.

Read What To Do When You Give It Your Best Shot But Nothing Is Working.

If the people around you are not supportive of your dream watch What To Do About The Nay-Sayers.

Do my Give Your Dream Wings class and keep doing that 10 minute practice you learn in that class - if you meet with your dream every day like this it will help you develop Creative Dream Confidence.

I have too many dreams and can't pick just one to work on

Watch How To Know Which Dream To Pursue Now

My dream is to make a living from my dream and it's really hard.

Watch How To Build Your Online Empire and The Truth About Money And Creative Self-Employment.

Hopefully this isn't happening for you, but if it is, watch What If No One Cares About What You Have To Offer.

No matter what is in your way, there IS a way though. This is 100% true, every time.

The only way you WON'T get your dream is if YOU give up.