A conversation with the voice who says: Why bother? No one cares.



Why even bother?  This project is so lame - no one really cares about this you know.

This thought just keeps popping into my head as I work this morning.

I take a deep breath and re-focus.

And it just comes back.

I take another deep breath and re-focus.

And it comes back again.

So, instead of playing ping-pong with it, here I am.

Hello little voice who thinks this project is lame and no one cares. Let's talk.

(our conversation is below: the little voice is in italics)

Oh it's not just this project that's lame.  Pretty much everything you're doing right now is lame.

Oh, ok.  That's a bit extreme, hey?

Not at all! Look at you!

The little guy gestures wildly and screens appear, each one showing a different thing I am working on.

Yeah, I'm working on a lot of things. I made a commitment to myself to hold the quality of momentum this year.  So I am moving faster than I usually do, I am accomplishing more.

That also means I'm trying more things which means I'm bound to fail at some of them.  That's part of it.

I take that commitment I made to myself seriously.  I am going to keep doing this all year.  It's not about the results, it's about me holding that commitment to myself and learning what I learn through that process.

Although I must say that the results are not all bad!  I mean I have made more money in the first 6 months of this year than I did for the whole year, in the first few years right after I left my job to do this full time.  I mean isn't that the kind of result you're looking for?

Money? Who cares about money? I care about approval.  You're not getting twice as much approval as you used to!

Well, I don't know.

No! One! Cares! About! What! You're! Doing!

OK, I see you're upset.  I'm not going to argue with you.  How can I help?

(The little voice is temporarily rendered speechless.)

You look like you're trying to speak but can't.  Maybe try taking a deep breath?

(The little voice just bursts into tears.)

I'm so scared.  

Yeah, I see that. I'm so sorry.  Let's just sit down here together.

(The little voice snuggles up to me, I wrap a blanket around it)

And we just sit there for a while.  Silently acknowledging that building momentum is scary, putting yourself out there is scary.


And that's it.  I sit with it and the discomfort starts to dissipate.

This isn't something I can instantly cure.

This is a process.

I want to stretch myself to grow into my dreams.  So I put myself into these uncomfortable places - this is how growth happens.

Right now it's quiet enough that I can get back to work - but I'm sure this voice will be back.

How uncomfortable are you willing to be for your dream?

Growth happens in the dark, tight, uncomfortable places.

Avoiding this stuff only leads to creative dream stagnation.

The faster you turn towards the discomfort, go into it, and be with it - the faster you'll be through it, on the other side, more capable of growing your dreams.

If this "No one cares, why bother? " voice sounds familiar to you - check out my video: What if no one cares about what you have to offer?

(And Creative Dream Circle members remember to take your discomfort into the Un-Sticking Station - that will help you through!)