That feeling when your dream is finally within reach and you suddenly don't feel ready for it anymore

So this is exactly how I've been feeling. After working really hard over the last many months - a lot of things are within reach for me right now and I'm noticing how I am not exactly leaping up to meet them. I'm suddenly feeling "not ready". I'm thinking of all the reasons why it's better to just slow down, or think smaller. Or just wait. Put it all on hold.

I'm not rising up to meet my dreams. I'm shrinking back.

Because guess what? Getting exactly what you want can be a pretty scary thing. It's just easier to feel dreamy and optimistic about a faraway dream. This is one of the (many!) paradoxes of living with your dreams. You want it and it's scary to get it. And if you're like me and you have that "shrink back" thing happening - it's ok! It doesn't mean you'll never actually get to hold your dream. It just means you need to work with the part of you who wants to shrink back. These are your next steps. Bringing love, acceptance, healing and transformation to this part of you WILL lead you to your next steps on the path to your dream. Ignoring your feelings when you're kind of freaked out or worried about your dream is like tying your shoelaces together. You're going to have a really hard time with your next steps until you untie them.

PS: This is the kind of work we'll be doing in Project Miracle: facing whatever it is that is stopping you and shifting it.

It's pretty amazing the kinds of miracles we can conjure when we bravely face our own inner worlds.

We start on Tuesday. I hope you'll join me for it!