Is it all going to be worth it when I get there? Is my dream going to give me what I really want?

Is it all going to be worth it when I get there? Last week I sent out an email asking: What are the questions you have about your dream? It was inspired by this post on Instagram where I was asking the question: What are my next questions? One of the responses I got was this:

I know that I can do anything. I just don't know if it will be worth it when I get there or if I will regret spending time and effort on this thing and not on something else.

I think this touches on the heart of almost ALL of the questions we have about our dreams. Is it all going to be worth it? Is my dream going to give me what I really want? There are a lot of examples out there of people who pursued their dreams and ended up miserable. I mean look at all of the celebrities with substance abuse problems. Plus think of all of the people who pursued celebrity, gave everything they had for it and ended up with nothing. The serial entrepreneur with the string of failed businesses who never finds the success they want. I mean I could go on but that's just depressing.

I would say that the person who pursued their dream and ended up miserable was never actually pursuing their dream.

They were pursing something different - fame or recognition or money. And they were most likely doing it to bolster their self-esteem and sooth that deep down fears that they're not worthy. I'll feel good about myself when: ___________. I'll be happy when: _____________. Then they work their ass off to make that thing happen and, even if they make that external dream real, they are surprised to find that on the inside they feel no different. This is why the first thing I do when you work with me is ask you to go deeper into the essence of your dream. (Take my free class Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True if you don't know what I'm talking about here) If you want to be a rock star so that you can enjoy your life and feel good about yourself - I PROMISE you'll be happier flipping that around. Make enjoying your life and feeling good about yourself the end goal and you'll find there are much easier ways to get there. And, if being a rock star is your true purpose - you'll still get there by following the path of enjoying your life and feeling good about yourself.

Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your True Self. It will grow you towards your true purpose and potential.

It will bring everything that is truly yours to have. And it will force you to get real along the way. This is scary and vulnerable and the most rewarding thing we can pursue. So whatever your questions are about your dream right now - I encourage you to go deeper into them. Sometimes you refuse to sit with the question because there is something scary hiding in there. This keeps you in a holding patten because without spending time with the question how can you ever find an answer?

What is your biggest question about your dream?

Write it down on a fresh page in your journal. And just sit with it for 10 minutes a day for the next 5 days. A few years ago I wrote a post about this journaling process for going deeper into questions - check it out here.