Creative Dream Circle Price Increase Update

I've spent all of this year re-visioning and re-structuring my work. (I wrote more about this here) As a part of this, I am increasing the price of the Creative Dream Circle. I am not going to do a big sales pitch to try to pressure you to sign up before the price increase. I believe the new price reflects the value of the changes I am making and will continue to make into 2019. I just want to give you lots of notice, in case you've been thinking of joining. I know it's summer for most of us, and in the summer a lot of us are online less less (YAY!) so waiting until the end of summer for this to take place feels best.

The price increase is happening on Friday, September 21.

The price will go from $199 US/year to $363 US/year. There are two ways to sign up:

  • Sign up for just one year so you pay $199 and get one year's membership and then it's done - you could come back later, but it would be at the current price at that time. Or you could switch to the monthly option for alumni, see below.
  • Sign up for a subscription - which would mean you pay $199 pear year, every year for as long as you want to stay a member - you cancel whenever you like.

The price of Project Miracle will remain at $99 US.  - and after you've done Project Miracle you can still apply that $99 towards an annual membership.

New monthly membership option:

This is for Project Miracle and Creative Dream Circle alumni only to get the Creative Dream Circle month-by-month at $33/month - with no commitment beyond one month, you can cancel any time. I love the work we're doing in the Creative Dream Circle and would love to have you be a part of our group. Find out more about it here.