You don't have to feel enthusiastic and ready to "make it happen"

I write a blog post every day (Monday-Friday) in the Creative Dream Circle just to share what I'm up to in my own Dream Work and to create space for everyone else to share what they're up to because we grow best in community. Today's post wanted to be shared out here: It's Monday morning. I'm sitting in a coffee shop, playing with the new Year of Dreams journaling prompts but feeling a little unsure as I write out all of my ideas for what I do to move towards my dreams this week. I have great ideas but the thought of implementing them was making me feel a little tired and unsure. Also I had a nightmare last night which is rare for me, and it was making it harder for me to just jump into the day.

I sat with that for a bit, just making space for what I was feeling:

  • a little tired
  • a little foggy from the nightmare
  • overwhelmed at the thought of everything I want to do next
  • unsure that I can really DO all of the things I want to do

As I just accepted all of these feelings and sat with them without trying to change them - they changed. Like a little door opened that showed me possibility and magic. Suddenly all these new feelings wooshed in:

  • a sense of spaciousness and delight about having this whole week free for my new creative projects
  • deep deep gratitude for having that space to pursue my creative ideas and build my dreams
  • inspiration with a sense of trust that I can follow through on it, remembering that it usually only feels impossible before I get started, once I start taking baby steps moments starts to build
  • a feeling of being energized and ready to get to work

Now I've got all of these feelings floating around. I feel perked up and ready to either:

  1. pick a project and start working on it
  2. journal about all of the projects I want to work on this week and see what this tells about when to do what

I'll start with #1 and if that doesn't work I'll do #2.