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About the Creative Dream Circle price increase:

A lot has changed this year in the Creative Dream Circle (my online classroom + community for dreamers) and the price will be increasing to reflect this. This isn’t a marketing gimmick or anything, the new price is still really good value for everything I’m offering. And once the new price is in place there will be a monthly payment option (but the monthly payment option will only be for Project Miracle or Creative Dream Circle alums, so if you want to do this you would start with Project Miracle). The current price is $199 (US) for a one year membership. On September 21 the price will change to $363 (US) for a one year membership.

There IS a way to try it out before you commit to a full year though.

When you do Project Miracle (a 30 day program in calling in the shift you need right now that costs $99 USD) you get full access to the whole Creative Dream Circle for 35 days. Then, at the end of the 35 days you have the opportunity to take the $99 you spent on Project Miracle and apply it towards the annual membership fee in the Creative Dream Circle – so right now that means you get the other 11 months for $100. After the price changes, at the end of Project Miracle you’ll have 2 choices:

  • Take the $99 you spent on Project Miracle and apply it to the annual membership in the Circle (so you get 11 months for $264)
  • Join the Creative Dream Circle for $33/month and you can leave at any time.


The price of the Creative Dream Circle will increase on Sept 21 BUT I will extend that deadline for anyone who signs up for Project Miracle by Sept 21.

So you can do Project Miracle and at the end if you decide you want to stay in the Circle – you can still get the current price.   If you have questions about anything do feel free to email me!

PS: The price NEVER goes up for current members! If you join with a subscription then you keep your rate for as long as you keep your membership active. PPS: The Year of Dreams 2019 will be included in the Creative Dream Circle AND available on it’s own BUT it is going to cost more than the Year of Dreams 2018. It’s shifting from a “journaling kit” to an “alchemy kit” and I’ll be including monthly live calls to offer more support for going deeper into the process of transformation that your dream is calling you towards. I’m hoping to have more information about this to share next week.