How I'm Using the You Got This Vision * Alchemy * Magic for the New Year class.


I've been feeling NOT AT ALL ready to dive into the New Year.  Around here January is a great time to hibernate and incubate - it's really not the time get out there with a bunch of ambitious new goals.


But today I was feeling like I've had enough of hibernating and would like to move into incubating - connecting with my dreams more deeply and learning more about them.


So I did the You Got This Vision * Alchemy * Magic for the New Year class.


This class is about connecting with the deeper vision that your true self is moving you towards. Tapping into the magic of your actual purpose and potential. And letting that guide you into the New Year and beyond.


I got SUPER STUCK during the class.


Alchemy is NOT always easy to do. It's not SUPPOSED TO BE easy.


The places where we get stuck are the places where we learn, heal and grow.


When we got to the part where you are looking at the spirit/essence of your vision for 2019, I couldn't do it.


I mean, I could.


My vision appeared as a coat rack.


And I thought .... no that's wrong. So I kept doing it again and trying for a different response and I kept getting coat racks.


Which is HILARIOUS because what do I ALWAYS say in these classes?


There is no way to do it wrong. Whatever comes to you is perfect.


So, finally, I just accepted that my vision for 2019 is a coat rack and drew it in the playbook sheet:



And as soon as I drew it I saw it.


It's not a coat rack, it's a cluster of lights. And the cluster of lights radiates out a ring of lights.


And this answered the first set of questions I had about my goals for 2019.



When I moved on to the part where we do a Creative Dream Alchemy experiment, and put our vision into a jar of clarity - my spine started tingling and I sat straight up.


It was a powerful energy transmission and an instant knowing about what all of those different rays of light were.


Putting the vision into a jar of clarity brought all of the details of my plans for 2019 into focus.


This class was EXACTLY what I needed and maybe exactly what you need too? 


Creative Dream Alchemy is very carefully designed to meet you where you are and give you what you need now.


Every person who takes this class will get something different out of it. 


This class is available for free until Jan 11.


>>>Get it right here.


I still don't feel all motivated and excited to leap into action. It still feels like quiet incubation time. But I am so happy to have this clearer picture of what I want to start working on, when I do feel ready to leap into action.