61% Excited, 39% Wanting to Hide. But it changes by the minute.


This morning in meditation my dream pushed a set of blueprints over to me.


This is what we’re building. Let’s keep that vision crystal clear so that you know how to move towards it without making anything smaller. 


While there is a part of me who is enthusiastic and excited to leap ahead towards my dreams, there is also this part of me that wants to veer back into my comfort zone.


And that part of me LOVES to re-adjust my plans to make everything smaller.


This is what is what we ALL do. Dreams naturally move us into vulnerable places and so we veer off as a protective mechanism. It takes EFFORT to stay the path of dreams.


We downplay our enormous gifts. We put things off. We think staying where we are equals safety and security.


Vulnerability. Risk. Opening our hearts and sharing what’s in there. 
This is scary stuff!


And this is the work of bringing dreams to life.


So OF COURSE we’re equally called to it and terrified of it.


Dream Work: the magical middle path where you don’t let the fear move you off track AND you don’t or pretend it’s not there.


This is where you honour your feelings as they come up. Because being deeply present with your feelings means being deeply present with yourself which plugs you into your deepest intuitive knowing and brightest inner gifts.


Yes sometimes it means veering off path, letting your fears guide you back into your safety zone, sometimes it means hiding, sometimes it means charging full speed ahead. 


This is no simple 3 step system that promises guaranteed results. True healing, transformation and growth don’t work that way.


But there are infinite possibilities to discover when you dig in and DO THE WORK, consistently over time.


Tomorrow is our first group coaching call for the Year of Dreams 2019. I am so excited for this!


We’ll have a coaching call every month this year so that you’ll have TONS of support for doing all of this vulnerable work AND moving steadily towards your dream.



I’m not taking new coaching clients this year, so this is the best way to work with me - at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching at $21/month.


And TODAY is the perfect day to join - so you can either attend the coaching call live tomorrow, or send me your questions so I can address them on the call and you can get my advice, encouragement and support in the recording.


You and your dream can be in a radically different place a year from now.


Find out more here.


Yes - there IS a free trial offer on that page - but the free trial includes everything EXCEPT the coaching call, that’s just for paid members. 


I hope to see you on the call tomorrow, let's make some magic together this year!