Why do life-changing things so rarely actually change your life?


It’s pretty easy to have a transformational experience - like in a healing session or a personal growth class.


But once you step out of that transformational experience and back into your everyday life - that’s where the REAL opportunity for transformation begins.


Because if you just go back to your everyday life and don’t make any changes - nothing will change. 


You felt changed by your transformation experience but you just shift back to back into your old ways if you just… go back to your old ways.


Until you make this work a part of your everyday life - you can go to all the healers in the world but nothing will change.


This is what my new coaching group is all about.


Alchemy for Artists, World-Changers and Dreamers: Turning The Obstacle Into The Way Through


We’ll start with a transformational session together and then we’ll work with it, every day, for three weeks. 


We’ll bring it into our lives and make space for the deeper magic to happen.


Find out more here.


And there’s a contact form on that page - if you’re curious about how this can help with the specific obstacle you’re facing, send me a message.