Having an obstacle between you and your dream is such a vulnerable thing.



The obstacle can feel like this harsh reminder that not only do you not have what you really want - you don’t even know how to make it happen.


It’s like a sign from the universe that says NO DREAMS FOR YOU.


From the time when I first started trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I always knew I wanted to be creative and free.


But there were never any “just be creative and free and we’ll pay you a good wage” jobs in the newspaper. (OMG it’s been so long since I looked for a job - do people even use the newspaper to look for work anymore?)


While I always had that drive to pursue my dreams, I never knew how to get there.


My best idea was to visualize and pray for some kind of patron to discover me and give me a career doing what I wanted to do.


That drive to pursue my dream led me to burn out trying and failing, which eventually led me to start taking classes in spiritual, personal and emotional growth because I was just so depleted from failing at everything.


At the time I secretly hoped I could discover the RIGHT way to pray for that magic patron to find me to get me out of this mess.


Instead I discovered that actually facing the obstacle, and all of my awkward and painful feelings about it, WAS the way through.


I spent the next seven years going deep into all of that mess, untangling my inner patterns, bringing love and healing to my doubts and fears and forging a whole new relationship with my inner critic.


I have been on every side of this.


I have felt too small to be able to get over my huge mountain-sized obstacles, I have felt impossibly stuck, I have felt deep faith in my purpose and I have felt so full of possibility and magic that I could burst.


I have deeply and wildly resisted facing my obstacles because I was too scared to admit to myself how scared I was.


And I have bravely worked through things I thought would hold me back forever.


And now I know FOR SURE that working with your obstacle is the fastest route to growth, healing and dreams come true.


Turning the obstacle into the way through is now one of my favourite things to do.



Turning the Obstacle into the Way Through: Alchemy for Artists, World-Changers + Dreamers is a supportive creative cocoon for facing the hard stuff and coming out stronger on the other side.


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