Free Alchemy Process: Turning The Obstacle into the Way Through

When I talk about how how working WITH obstacles is the key to making progress with your dreams, I know you're probably thinking that YOUR obstacle is the exception to this.

It's not.

And I want to show you exactly what I mean, so I am sharing this Creative Dream Alchemy process for working with obstacles.

If you think your obstacle is insurmountable, this meditation will show you that it's not.

At the end of this meditation I give you a question and ask you to write it in your journal. At that point I just leave the music to play out to give you some time journal about the question.

Alchemy For Artists, World-Changers + Dreamers: Turning The Obstacle Into The Way Through starts on Monday.

This is a 3 week coaching group, from Feb 4 to 24 - with extra follow-up support until March 5.

If you've got an obstacle and you're ready to NOT have it - this is for YOU!

At the end of our time together you will know exactly what you need to do next. You will understand how to work WITH your obstacle, instead of letting it stop you.

It's going to be an amazing adventure!

Find out more + join us here.