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How to stretch your comfort zone so your dreams fit inside it

Do you want to be sharing your gifts more brightly/widely with the world?

You can do this.

You can untangle the tangled up stuff that holds you back. You can shift your patterns around hiding and staying small. You can create a whole new story for yourself.⁣⁣

You are so immensely powerful when you're aligned with your dream, which is naturally aligned with the power of your soul, your purpose, your creative and spiritual potential and your true self.⁣⁣

You can do this.⁣⁣

And you may need more support to help make it happen.⁣⁣

Signal Boost: Visibility for Artists, World-Changers and Dreams is starting on MONDAY.

This is a 3 week coaching group for working through the things you need to work though and mapping out a plan to move forward with your goals.

PLUS a week of follow-up support to get you taking consistent steps on those plans.⁣⁣⁣

We'll have three group coaching calls (on Zoom) - you can attend live or send me your questions and I'll answer them on the call. And we'll have a daily check in (Mon-Fri) in our private online forum.⁣⁣⁣

A sturdy container for going deep into the process of transformation to get you ready to turn up the volume on how you shine your light out into the world.⁣⁣

Details + registration are right here.