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Procrastinating about Marketing


As I wrote about recently, I am feeling tangled up about marketing my own work in this sleazy industry of life-changing online programs. And I wanted to share a bit of my process here as I work through it because one thing that is missing in this industry is that kind of transparency - show your work!

So my new process with this is: Tuesday mornings I write about how I'm feeling about my own marketing, and then make some time - before Friday - to act on whatever ideas spring from that process. Repeat every week until I no longer have a lot of feelings to write about and doing creative marketing tasks just becomes a part of my normal Tuesday routine.

This is one of those writings about my feelings about marketing. 

Today I feel BLAH about my marketing.

I have some tasks I want to do, and I also do not want to do them. I am procrastinating.

I ask my procrastination to show me why it's procrastinating and it shows me this picture/story about taking a journey along a huge, super tall, super scary cliff. With dragons flying around it who want to eat me.

And I am clinging to the wall and taking tiny steps and crying the whole way.

OK WHOA that is pretty dramatic!

Procrastination shuffles it's feel and looks down and says "Yeah but that's how it feels! This is so scary!"

OH, I'm so sorry, Procrastination, I didn't realize how afraid you were. Can you tell me what feels scary about this?

"You mean the dangerous height which would surely kill me if I fell or the dragons who want to eat me? What's scary about this? Are you kidding me? PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE IS SCARY. IT JUST IS."

Deep breath.

I put myself in Procrastination's shoes.

Now I'm standing in a field of flowers on a totally gorgeous day. I look over to the task at hand and see that cliff I need to walk along. The dragons have breathed fire on all of the trees along the cliff, which are now burning so the journey feels even scarier now.

No, I don't want to go over there. Procrastination is totally right about that being a bad idea. Instead, sit down in the field.

Somehow, my iPad Pro is there on the ground, I pick it up.

"Just. Make. Art" a voice whispers and I look around and notice a helpful fairy and suddenly feel VERY inspired.


And boom. Procrastination shifted. Creative flow back on.

(Coming back a few hours later to report on what happened)

One I was back in the flow, I started by doing simple tasks that didn't feel scary and then - I started working on those scarier tasks too!

And it DID NOT feel like the burning cliff with scary dragons story. It didn't feel scary at all. I didn't finish these tasks completely, but got a good start and am no longer procrastinating about it.

In the flow and making progress. This is how Inner Work impacts and supports Outer Work.


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