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Get Your Art Out There


Are you having a hard time getting your art OUT THERE?

Check out Jenifer's story, she was procrastinating about listing her gorgeous handmade scarves on Etsy.
She used The Procrastination Cure (available inside the Creative Dream Circle) and this is what happened for her:

"I watched the Procrastination Cure video and did the journaling exercises last weekend; I had been procrastinating for weeks about taking pictures of a scarf I finished and posting it on Etsy.  

As I watched the video and did the journaling, I felt a sense of ease and clarity, the feeling of "I don't wanna...." just melted away.  

I got a good idea for where to set up the mannequin to take the pictures.  I had a problem with cropping the pictures and pixel dimensions which I figured out - and got the scarf uploaded to Etsy!

Thank you Andrea for this incredible tool!"

You can find Jenifer's amazing Etsy shop right here,