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New Video for Dreamers: When Shitty Things Happen...

I had a bad week!

A shitty thing happened and it was really uncomfortable to deal with and I started to notice how I was CONSTRICTING while trying to AVOID all of the uncomfortable feelings I was having about this thing.

Which only made everything worse. And kept moving me away from finding a solution to the problem!

The way through is to get curious about your reaction, to make space to explore all of your feelings, to move to a more EXPANSIVE place because then you expand into your gifts: your creativity, inner wisdom, inner strength - all the things that will help you fix the shitty thing that happened.

As I said in the video, my experience with this shitty thing that happened is what inspired me to do this free Healing + Magic Circle next week, because the best way to do this work is in this type of safe, supportive container.



Free Online Healing + Magic Circle.

This is for beginners and seasoned experts alike because we ALL benefit from doing this work together, in the inspiration and magic of a Healing Circle.

It's NOT a webinar or sales pitch or anything like that - it's a REAL workshop and healing circle where you can experience the DEEP MAGIC of inner work. I've even invited my clients and students to attend.

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