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When everything feels hard and impossible and you're afraid and unsure... THIS IS GOOD. THIS IS PROGRESS.


I have a new vision of what I would like the Creative Dream incubator to be in the world, and for the first time EVER I have a 5 year plan for my life. So I set some new goals for myself and my business. 

And it was REALLY exciting at first. I'm in love with this new vision... but I was busy with other projects and couldn't actually DO anything about these new goals. 

And then the day came when I finished those projects and there was nothing keeping me from exploring my new goals and figuring a plan....

And that's where it all went to shit.

I was suddenly afraid to fail.

And then I was afraid to succeed and how that might change things too much.

I was frustrated by the work involved.

I got lost in all of my plans and ideas.

I was completely overwhelmed and unable to focus even though I had a list of things to do right in front of me so getting focused should have been easy...

A faraway dream is beautiful and shiny and perfect and it's so easy to love.

But it's just a fantasy. So when you make the commitment to make your dream real, you're bringing it out of fantasy and into reality.

When I was dating my boyfriend who lived out of the city and was only here on weekends and we were making plans to get married you better believe I was NOT thinking about his dirty laundry on the floor on my uber-minimalist bedroom, bacon grease splattered all over the stove (I've been a vegetarian for 28 years), and competing with golf clubs for closet space.

There is a difference between fantasy and reality.

So when everything starts to feel hard and impossible and you're afraid and unsure and foggy.... THIS IS GOOD. THIS IS PROGRESS.

Because it means you've going beyond the FANTASY and are doing the work of bringing your dream into REALITY. 

You're seeing the obstacles more clearly because now they're actually IN YOUR WAY. When your dream is just a fantasy the obstacles aren't really in your way because you are NOT actually making your dream real.

But there's more than that.

Those times when everything starts to feel harder and when you're actually starting to look more honestly at what's REALLY in the way.

So what I thought was "I don't know how to do make that happen" is actually "I am afraid of putting myself out there in a more authentic and visible way"

What I thought was "I don't have time to do all of that" is actually "I am not sure I deserve the success I want"


So there I was, sitting there with "I am afraid of the vulnerability of putting myself out there" and "Deep down I don't feel worthy of having what I actually want" and things felt hopeless and hard and just.... shitty.

That's how it's supposed to feel.

It's GOOD to feel those things because when it comes to inner work: you can't change a thing until you can be with it.

The truth is, we ALL have fears and limiting beliefs and self defeating patterns, and most of us spend most of our lives avoiding them.

But when you get on the path to making your dream real avoidance isn't possible anymore so you have all of this uncomfortable stuff to face.

Feeling hopeless and shitty about how stuck you are is a HUGE step forward from avoiding your deeper thoughts and feelings.

It's a step towards living your deeper truth.

So if you're struggling with your dream right now just know that this is NOT a sign to give up, it's actually a VERY POSITIVE sign of progress.

The thing is, if you want to move THROUGH this hard stuff, you have to learn how to do DEEPER Inner Work.

No matter what your fears are telling you right now, you CAN DO this you just need some guidance and support.

I'm doing a free inner work workshop/healing circle about working with this. Deep and transformative inner work is my favourite thing to do, and there are SO MANY misconceptions out there about how to actually do this work.

So I want to "be the change" and offer this class, for free, so we can do the work together.

So do this with me! 


Free Online Healing + Magic Circle.

This is for beginners and seasoned experts alike because we ALL benefit from doing this work together, in the inspiration and magic of a Healing Circle.

It's NOT a webinar or sales pitch or anything like that - it's a REAL workshop and healing circle where you can experience the DEEP MAGIC of inner work. I've even invited my clients and students to attend.

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