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What is your obstacle?


On Friday I did The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens Healing Circle and Inner Work Workshop.


These are some of the obstacle people showed up with:

  • Financial issues
  • Mood swings
  • I have swallowed my pain and numbed my feelings
  • A tough inner critic
  • Having the mental clarity and energy to work on my dream
  • Afraid and paralyzed at the thought of making life changes
  • Not having the skills to do what I want to do
  • Drained from taking care of others
  • Being triggered and not being able to manage it
  • Not being able to create the income I want
  • I want to show up for my dream every day but I can’t seem to do it, I don’t know why
  • I don’t know what my dream actually is, but I know I have one
  • I don’t have confidence in myself
  • Writer’s block
  • Not speaking up, not using my voice
  • Perfectionism
  • Trying to control or avoid fear which just keeps me stuck
  • Self doubt, inner concept doesn’t match dream so just stay stuck
  • Not knowing HOW to make the dream real so I don’t try anything
  • Creative projects taking more time than they should
  • Just stuck and I don’t know why

Some internal. Some external.

Some people felt the obstacle was kind of in the way but they were determined to move forward anyway.

Some people were totally stopped by their obstacle.

But at the end everyone was feeling the same kinds of things:

  • expansive
  • more relaxed about the obstacle, like I can be with this
  • insights are coming in
  • feel like I can face this

This is how it works. When you show up to do the healing, the healing happens.

You never have to wait for something to change before you can have this.

Healing, transformation and growth are always available to you. In fact - your soul is patiently offering them to you and waiting for you to receive them.

But healing work is not a magic pill, it works best as a practice.

I mean it's fairly easy to have a radical healing experience, especially with a skilled guide. The important work is to take that experience and use it to create change in your life, in an ongoing way.

That's the missing piece for most people - they don't have an effective healing/transformation practice in their day-to-day lives.

You can keep going to healers or coaches or workshops but you won't really change your life until you... change your life. 

I changed my business model so that I can help people actually change their lives.

I stopped offering on-off workshops and expensive one-on-one coaching.

Now I make ALL of my classes available 24-7 to my people inside the Creative Dream Circle - so you can use them whenever you need that kind of support. And I made it MUCH more affordable than coaching at $33/month.

Plus I do a monthly Circle for ongoing support for maintaining momentum towards your dream, and provide a whole library of alchemy tools so you've always got exactly the right process to work with whatever is in front of you.

And DAILY online masterminds where I share what I'm doing in my daily practice and invite you to practice with me.

THIS is the work that enables you to change your life.



Free Online Healing + Magic Circle.

This is for beginners and seasoned experts alike because we ALL benefit from doing this work together, in the inspiration and magic of a Healing Circle.

It's NOT a webinar or sales pitch or anything like that - it's a REAL workshop and healing circle where you can experience the DEEP MAGIC of inner work. I've even invited my clients and students to attend.

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