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New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse. I am FEELING IT how about you?


I am transforming my relationship with my work, my creativity and my self-care - which are all a part of the same thing: my purpose and potential.

I want to go deeper into my creative process so I am building sturdier containers and cleaner systems. Strong, rooted structure is what makes creative freedom possible for me.

[Noticing where flimsy containers and messy systems create space for my resistance to take root, flourish, bloom and reproduce into new forms faster than I can recognize them]

I want to go deeper into my healing and growth process so I am shoring up my daily practices. I am  and making space for insights to land.

[Noticing where weakness in my practices creates space for me to hide from the things I need most in the moment]

I want to feel more deeply in tune with my inner heart in how I live my outer life. I want to feel like I'm holding the process in a more sturdy way and not losing the threads.

These are the things I *always* want.

As I continue to learn more about how to bring myself what I need I create more fertile ground for my purpose and potential to flourish: this is my dream garden.

What are your dreams calling you towards? How will you answer?

The tool I'm using for all of this: the new class on Developing Your Practice I just made which includes my DREAMBOOK method of dream journaling.

The DREAMBOOK is all about going deeper into your process, not losing the threads and making lots of space for insights to land in such a way that you can USE them to create change.

And the more you use it, the deeper you go so I am proclaiming this to be my Summer of DREAMBOOK.

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