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FINAL Self Doubt Upate

Self Doubt Challenge | Self Doubt Challenge Update | Self Doubt Challenge Update #2

And then the stories BLEW UP.

During a coaching call with the Creative Dream Circle this week, I led us in a Creative Dream Alchemy experiment and everything changed.

A new story landed and it's so big and bright, it doesn't leave space for that old nonsense.

Looking through my journal this morning I'm seeing how I've been exploring this for longer than I thought ;) I've been making space for my most confident self to shine brighter.

And then, during that alchemy experience, it shifted again - it's not that I feel more confident exactly, it's that I am so LIT UP WITH JOY about the new possibilities I want to explore that there is no space for self doubt.

AND it feels like self doubt doesn't matter (!)

It feels like OUTCOMES don't matter because I am so thrilled by enjoying the process of playing with possibility. 

Self doubt only seems to come in when I am focused on OUTCOMES. Because what if I don't get my outcome? What would that say about me? Am I not good enough for the outcome I want?

Right now I truly don't give a shit if I get my outcome or not.

When is the most powerful place to manifest anything from.

And it's also kind of hilarious. I love my dream so much I want to play with it right now, I don't care what happens in the physical.

I love the feeling I have right now of playing with possibility, dreaming bigger, exploring, experimenting. THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

And I have it.

This is a surprising ending.

I was expecting to keep working with healing my self doubt, to feel more confident.

It feels like I leap-frogged over that and became FULL OF POSSIBILITY instead of confidence.

I like this much better.

So this is the last of the "self doubt updates" I've been posting to my blog. I'm going to go MAKE ART THAT LIGHTS ME UP now.