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What's your most IMPOSSIBLE wish?



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What do you SECRETLY wish for?

WRITE DOWN the first thing that pops into your mind here. Even if it's completely ridiculous.

One of the themes I'm exploring right now in my Creative Dream Alchemy practice is how much I limit my wishes.


I have an unconscious tendency to limit my wishes to what I think I can actually MAKE HAPPEN. 

So I might actually want for one thing, but I end up "officially wishing" for something smaller, something simpler. Something that won't EXHAUST me.

Because there is this part of me that thinks that as soon as I admit I want something - that means I have to start working at it.

But that's wrong.


We can wish for anything. Wishes are free and infinite.

When I was a kid, I blew on a dandelion seed pod and wished for the latest Mini-Pops record.

Later that day, my mom took me to K-mart and said as a special treat I could pick out anything I wanted.

(That is the ONLY time I ever remember her doing that)


I enjoyed the HECK out of that Mini Pops record. But a wish doesn't have to manifest in order to valid.

Last week, during out monthly Alchemy + Coaching call in the Creative Dream Circle, I was all filled up on magic and I wished an impossible, secret wish.

I wished for 10,000 new people to sign up for my free e-course in the next 30 days.

Even though I absolutely DO NOT want to (and actually WILL NOT DO) ANY of the "online business things" I'd have to do to make that happen, I am having so much fun playing with this wish!

The qualities of this wish are:

  • expansion
  • magic
  • glee
  • ease
  • support
  • trust
  • opening my heart to allowing myself and my work to be see in a wider way

These qualities and healing and nourishing to me in REALLY surprising ways.


And I wouldn't experience ANY of this healing and nourishment if I had done my usual thing, of not making wishes that I don't see myself being able to pull off.

And guess what? There ARE more people signing up for my free class each day than there was a few weeks ago.

It's not increasing to the 333.33 new people per day I would need to get to 10,000 in 30 days, but it's increasing from where it was ;)


And more importantly - I feel buoyed up by playing with this ridiculous, impossible wish.

I feel myself connecting to that child in me who wished for a Mini Pops record and got it and then believed that anything is possible.

There is so much freedom in making space to dream.

And - maybe your wish IS 100% impossible - but playing with it really can change things for you in surprising ways.


Come play with me!

The Creative Dream Circle is a safe, supporting and encouraging space to WISH and DREAM and give yourself space to explore what's REALLY possible for you.