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Myth: You Need Something You Don't Have

On September 12 join Jodie Benveniste of Intuitive Insight and I, Andrea Schroder from the Creative Dream Incubator, for Make Your Dream (Business, Career, Personal Life) Real FREE Mini Class!

We'll be sharing:

  • 5 myths about making your dream real
  • 3 truths about bringing your dream to life
  • 1 essential practice to creating your dream vision (and 1 bonus practice)

Myth #5: You Need Something You Don't Have

ARGH this one tangles us all up from time to time, that believe that something has to change BEFORE you can wholeheartedly pursue the next level of your dream. You need more time, or more money, or more support, or for the kids to start school, or finish school, or until you have the ideal studio space, etc, etc, etc.

It's a total myth.

NOTHING needs to change before you can take your next step. Ever. 

When you can't see that it just means you're looking too far ahead. You can always take the step that's right in front of you to take, and as you keep taking steps, you will CREATE what you need to keep taking steps.

We're going to explore this, along with the other 4 myths, and 3 truths at the Make Your Dream (Business, Career, Personal Life) Real FREE mini class on September 12!

Obviously - that class happened already, so watch the replay now:

In this 37 minute class, we explore the 5 myths and 3 truths you need to understand to be able to make your dream real, and share 1 essential practice for breaking through obstacles and getting to your dream. 


What’s next?

  • Jodie has a free ‘Incredible You’ Guided Meditation that helps you to connect to the truth of you and your dream.
  • Jodie also offers 1 on 1 sessions to help you to go deeper to overcome those inner blocks that are holding you back from your dream so you can enjoy more success and fulfilment  without stressing out or burning out.
  • I have a free Dream Lab class where you learn a foundation practice to keep working on your dream, now and always.
  • And my amazing Creative Dream Circle, a private website, classroom and community designed to support you in creating and maintaining a deep and wildly transformative practice for creating your dream.


And those journal prompts we talk about in the class?

Here they are:

  • What’s your biggest takeaway from the class?
  • What are you avoiding?
  • What is your inner wisdom guiding you towards?
  • What does your true creative power need you to tap into right now?
  • What’s your next step?