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As we approach a brand new decade, I've been thinking back to 2010, when I was getting ready to leave my office job to pursue my dream full time.

I am willing to change

It was such a transformative time for me. Leaving my job was about claiming my truth. I wanted to live creative and free.

But freedom... isn't free. It took a lot of work to develop the kind of rock-solid trust in myself that I've needed to have to navigate these last nine years. 

And I've been taking it for granted.

It's easy to take things for granted when they're always there for you. And I forgot how hard I worked to get this trust in myself and this ability to act BRAVELY on behalf of my dreams.

But as I've been thinking back to 2010 I am remembering how hard I worked to get these things.

The last few years I have been very critical of the new age/life coaching/life transformation industry.

I know my criticisms were mostly earned - there is a lot of sleaze out there. And a lot of my own teachers have failed me. But I also know that there is so much good in this industry.

A while back a young woman signed up for my emails, and then unsubscribed before she read anything, and then a week later sent me an email saying she didn't read any of my stuff because she has this friend who became a life coach and doesn't care about helping people, she's just trying to make as much money as possible.

So this young woman isn't going to engage. She mentioned in her email to me that she doesn't think her dreams are even worth pursuing.

And I get it, when you see the seedy underbelly of a thing before you've experienced the gifts of it, it's hard to want those gifts.

But... the gifts of your dream are EVERYTHING.

When I think back to how my life has changed since I took that big step into my dream - it's not the external stuff that I'm so happy about.

Yes, I've had a sustainable business for nine years now, doing what I love most with amazing people.

I bought my dream loft condo. Traveled to go on amazing creative retreats and to teach my classes. I met my soulmate. Became a step-mom. Lots of things changed in my outer world...

It's the inner changes that mean so much to me:

The way I trust myself unequivocally. Which translates to a kind of confidence I couldn't fathom having 10 years ago.

The way I MAKE SPACE for my gifts in my daily life.

How deeply rooted I feel in my own truth.

The way I'm not scared anymore.

(In 2010 I was scared of failing, I was scared of not being good enough, I was scared that I was un-lovable.)

The way my inner world has changed is everything.

It means I have space to do whatever I want to do. And I carry that space with me so it's always accessible to me.

So, when I look back over the last 2 years ago and how critical I have been of this industry and how I let that slow me down in my own work, and I think about the young woman who won't pursue her dreams now because parts of this industry are sleazy.... it's just sad.

Because there is so much magic and potential here. For me, for that young woman, for you, for everyone.

The more I think about how my inner and outer worlds have changed from doing this work, the more I want to sing about it from the rooftops.

You deserve magic.

You deserve freedom.

You deserve to live your truth.

And you deserve to get whatever support you need to get you there.

Because what stands out for me, the most, when I think back to 2010, is that I had spent the last 5 years in DEEP training.

I did a 4 year training to be a spiritual teacher and counsellor while I was also attending workshops and seminars at least once a month, usually twice. I was going to sharing circles every week. I was traveling around the country and to the US to attend life-changing events. 

I wanted transformation and I went out and GOT IT.

These days, the work is more subtle and after 12 years of teaching I know that my gifts are in developing the daily creative generative practices that bring transformation right in to where you live.

I want this magic. For me. For you. For everyone.

So for the last two years while I've been so critical of the life coaching/new age/life transformation industry, I have been taking a good hard look at my own work.

Specifically I've been exploring how to make it more accessible, effective and engaging.

Because I want this magic for everyone! And even though "changing your life" is now a billion dollar industry - real change, the kind I am describing here that has happened for me, seems to remain out of reach for too many people.

Which is why I have created a whole new program, the most comprehensive, helpful and engaging program I have ever made.

It's called Dream Book.

It's a journaling system for navigating the inner and outer growth that your dream is calling you towards.

It includes a set of tools for the DEEP inner work that creates the kind of lasting and grounded transformation that I'm talking about here. And a set of tools for PLAYING with your dream.

Plus ongoing alchemy kits (you get a new one each week) to keep making magic no matter what is happening in your life.

And it's a stream of inspiration and encouragement - with art, prompts, stories and sharing circles to keep you in the flow of your own transformative process. 

And you get monthly group coaching calls AND you have me on the other end of all of the emails - so you can hit reply to get help from me any time. And you get to see in the inside stories of how I use my Dream Book to keep growing with my dreams.

The cost: $33/month or $363/year

I believe there is nothing you can't change, if you decide to show up for your change.

And your Dream Book will help you do it.

Dream Book is not open for registration just yet. I'll keep you posted!

But the Creative Dream Circle is always open! This is where Dream Book will be (there is a short intro to Dream Book class there now) and this is where I show up for this practice every day.

So if you're ready to dive deeper into your own change, and want some creative tools for healing and transformation and space to do the work - join me there.

Now is a great time to join, to get settled in and explore some of the other classes before we start the new Dream Book in January.