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What if today is the perfect day to start?


Centered Grounded Present is a 3 week meditation and journaling program.

It's everything I want right now... So of course I have been avoiding it with everything I've got.

I keep telling myself that I am TOTALLY going to do this, but today is just not the right day to start.

But the truth is, I am afraid at what may happen if I slow down a little and explored the qualities of being more centered, grounded and present. I'm afraid of what I might learn about myself or my dream.

How will I be asked to change?

You can't go into a deliberately transformative process and not change. Change is the whole point.

But change is also terrifying. So there's the tug of war between desire and resistance.

This is totally normal!

I am sharing this today because it's normal and I want to help normalize it. We're all on our own, feeling like the only one, when we're not.

We ALL resist our dreams and the things that help our dreams. It's ok! Resistance is just a part of the process.

After years of working on this stuff, why do I still procrastinate on my dreams?

I keep looking for that "0% vulnerability 100% dreams and magic" path even though I know it doesn't exist. You actually have to choose: you can either never feel vulnerable OR you can have your dream. You can't have both.

I even know that feeling vulnerable and afraid means I'm onto something - they are like flashing lights pointing me to the next step on my path. And yet each time, instead of following the signs and taking those steps - I sit down and try to map out a way around them. A way that feels less vulnerable.

Oh course I do this!

Who WANTS to go running down the path of awkward vulnerability?

But as I sit with all of this stuff, the truth just becomes super sparkling clear: I want this. I need to just start.

I want to do Centered Grounded Present right now because I don't want to crash land into 2020.

And I AM in danger of crash landing into 2020 if I don't do something to change, because my life just keeps getting busier.

I want to step into 2020 gracefully, in alignment with my inner truth, bringing my purpose and power and creativity with me. I want to GROW into 2020.

Pro tip: Your reason WHY you want a thing has a lot of power in it! When you are resisting something try to remind yourself WHY you want it in the first place. That can help you cut through the fear and resistance and connect with your deeper desire to grow and change...

Anyway, that photo above is evidence that I DID start today.

That's my journal, with the Centered Grounded Present energy field and a bit of journaling I did after the meditation.

This is the work in process.

I started the Centered Grounded Present program to make some space for me to move towards 2020 in a way that feels nourishing for me and I am so glad I did.

Come do this with me!


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