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What happened yesterday

Dream Plan Kit

I'm sitting here, feeling inspired and creative and powerful and ready to take action... and I realized that I have no clue WHAT action to take to meet my goal.

As the creative/inspired energy clashes with the overwhelm of not knowing what to do everything gets foggy and I just want to take a nap. But when I listen to what my most powerful self is saying, it's clear: I just need a plan.

But I don't know HOW to make a plan. I have NO clue how to reach my goal.

So I printed out the "I have a new idea and need to process it" prompts from the Dream Plan Kit (in the Creative Dream Circle) and glued them into my journal and everything changed.

Suddenly I wasn't sitting here with no plan and no clue. Suddenly I was sitting here with no plan and no clue AND some questions to explore.

I stared filling in the tiny bits of information I already had. But the act of writing those things down seemed to invite more ideas in.

Suddenly I was filling in the whole page.

Within an hour I had a solid plan to meet my goal - WITH A TIMELINE AND EVERYTHING.

That's what I love about this work. You don't have to feel ready. You don't have to know what you're doing or have ANY clue how to make your dream real.

You just have to show up.