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I have been so incredibly stuck on this...

I've been stuck about writing this page for about a month.

After 13 years of teaching this stuff and 9 years of successful online creative entrepreneurship - it's been humbling and frustrating to not be able to write a sales page for the program I have made that I am the most proud of.

Dream Book is the best thing I've ever made. So of course I got all tangled up trying to figure out how to talk about it. I mean it took me 2.5 years to make Dream Book - why would I think making the sales page would be fast? Nothing about this has been fast.

I have written and re-written this page so many times over the last month. So many times I thought I had it right, but then  the next day I'd wake up and read it and decide to start over from scratch - again.

It's been a good lesson in remembering that we all get stuck, and that getting stuck is a part of the process.

If you ever get to a place where you stop getting stuck - that just means you're stagnating.

I got so stuck for so long writing this page because this work is growing me. Each attempt I made at writing the page helped me grow and expand towards the me-who-knows-how-to-share-Dream-Book.

I'm not done growing, I'm sure of that.

I'm probably not even done with this page.

But, for now, I feel ready to share it. 

Presenting: Dream Book. A journaling system for navigating the inner + outer growth your dream is calling you towards. 


I made Dream Book for myself - my dreams keep asking me to go deeper and be braver and I needed a journaling system to help me navigate that process.

I've been using the Dream Book system in my journal for the last year, and now I'm ready to share it with you.

You can check it outright here.

AND I hope you take the lesson I'm learning here too - it's TOTALLY FINE to be stuck and get lost and not know HOW to move forward with your dreams.

Just keep showing up and you'll get there.