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December used to be a really frustrating time for me. 

There was just too much happening for my sensitive introverted self and it felt like my energy that would normally flow to my creative dreams had to be diverted to flow elsewhere for most of the month.

And then when the new year started, I'd be excited about my new goals but I needed quiet time to recuperate before I felt ready  to dive into them.

December, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, is the ideal time to go inward, to do the deep Dream Work and Inner Work that will power the Outer Work. If there ever IS an ideal time to be rushing around at the mall and grocery stores when the whole rest of the population is ALSO at the mall and grocery stores - and then going to lots of parties and eating and drinking too much - December isn't it.

December, with the cooler weather and shorter days is perfect introspection time.

(an ideal time to grab a bundle of 11 inspiring e-courses and e-books for diving deeper into your creative magic)

These days I make it more of a priority to spend time reflecting + introspecting at the end of the year.

It's Dec 1 and I've already been doing some HEAVY reflecting on 2019. The truth is - I didn't accomplish ANY of my goals for 2019.

I will be writing more about that this month!

For now I'll just say that I set some BIG GOALS for myself and then everything... kind of imploded. But now, after lots of reflection, I believe those implosions were happening on purpose to create better ground for me to work on those goals in 2020. 

Join me!

I made a series of Creative Journal Prompts for the New Year:

Creative Journal Prompts For The New Year