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What are your dreams calling you towards in 2020?

I am LOVING loving the end-of-the-decade vibe we're in right now! I'm doing tons of reflecting and releasing to make space for that I want - not just in the new year for in this new decade. 

As I look back through the decades I see that there is one thing that's always been constant for me: My dreams are ALWAYS calling me to be more creative. To use my creative gifts to help others. What this looks like in the outer world changes all the time but that inner pull remains the same.

Sometimes that means working HARD. I've been in ridiculous work-a-holic mode for the last while and finally hit the big milestone I wanted to reach.

So I celebrated by taking a few days to just rest. I have been:

  • resting - as in literally sitting and doing nothing
  • journaling
  • meditating
  • taking long hot baths with essential oils
  • learning macrame
  • knitting
  • watching all of the Star Wars movies
  • watching some guilty pleasure junk tv on Netflix
  • dreaming about what I want to create and who I want to be in the new year and beyond

This time of rest and renewal have helped me hear more clearly what my dreams are calling me towards next.

My dreams are asking me to SLOW DOWN in my business.

And make more art - not to "make great art" but to spend quality time with my creative self more often. It means exploring new arts and crafts and making more things with my hands.

My dream is saying that if I do slow down and focus more on being in my own creative flow, give more of my "work time" to fun creative projects - I can actually get further with my business goals than I can by working more.

And that spending less time working and more time in my creative flow will shift my perspective and open new doors.

AND that all of this coincides with the launch of Dream Book: a genius journaling system for navigating the inner + outer process of growth, healing + expansion that your dreams are calling you towards. As I launch Dream Book (on Dec 20!) I step into this new level of working with my dreams.

I am really excited to explore this!

One thing I know for sure is that following my dreams always leads me to feeling more ME in how I live my life an I can ALWAYS use more of that.

What are your dreams calling you towards in 2020?

Visioning 2020: Dec 20 live online

On Dec 20 we're doing a live (via Zoom) Visioning Circle for 2020 - the recording will be available a few hours after the live call so you can play along whenever works for you. 

This is a way to MAKE SPACE to hear what your dreams are calling you towards in 2020 and beyond.

AND on Dec 20 we're starting DREAM BOOK: a GENIUS journaling system for navigating the inner + outer growth, healing + expansion your dream is calling you towards.

Both the Visioning 2020 call and Dream Book will be available in the Creative Dream Circle.

Join us!!!!