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I was wrong. Maybe you are too?

Shortly after I moved into the Dream Loft (7 years ago!), my sister gave me a ZZ plant. It was this big gorgeous thing, and the Dream Loft is a bit of a plant haven - with HUGE south windows and normal north windows on both floors and the open-ness between floors and no interior walls except around the bathroom - there's this beautiful light everywhere that is really good for living things.

Plus I have a wicked humidifier I use all winter because I want to feel like I live in a greenhouse.

So this ZZ plant just took off in the Dream Loft and it quickly had a few babies. I was so happy and wanted another BIG MOTHER PLANT so I re-potted them in a nice sized pot where they'd have lots of room to grow.

But now, years later, they're still tiny babies. I think it's been over 4 years, and they're healthy but they haven't grown in any measurable way.

I was wrong. Just like we're all wrong about what it REALLY takes to grow.

I assumed that the baby ZZ would appreciate having a big pot with space to grow into.

A quick google search shows that ZZ plants actually prefer to be little root-bound (which means kind of cramped in a smaller pot). When they are root bound they grow and reproduce. When they have a ton of space they are less likely to grow or reproduce.

Actually it turns out lots of plants prefer to be root bound!

I had no idea!

So, once I learned this I swapped pots. I moved the baby ZZ into the smallest pot I had.


It's still going to be a while, if ever, before this baby ZZ grows, because I just didn't give it what it needs.

What I did was COMPLETELY LOGICAL, given what I knew about plants at the time - if you want them to grow them give them space to grow.

But growth doesn't happen via logic.

Not for plants, not for us, and even more so not for dreams!

What you THINK your dreams need is rarely what your dreams actually need.

You have to keep exploring so that you keep learning. This is what it means to have a Dream Work practice. It's a way to keep showing up for your dream, even when the physical manifestation of your dream seems impossible.

All dreams SEEM impossible sometimes - that doesn't mean they ARE.

You learn how to work with your dream, and how to give it what it REALLY needs and how to get around the obstacles, by showing up for your dream. Consistently over time.


This is what Dream Book is all about.

Dream Book is a GENIUS journaling system for navigating the inner + outer growth, healing + expansion that your dreams are calling you towards.

It's a way to create space to go DEEP into your own magic - to bring healing to the parts of you that need it the most while amplifying your inner gifts and strengths.

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Dream Book is the ONLY program I'll be doing this year.

I might never do another program ever again! After 12 years of creating my own programs - Dream Book feels like my LAST one. Because it's by far the best - it encompasses everything and helps you create space to continually go deeper into your own process.

I originally made the Dream Book journaling system for me. So it's great for people who are further along with their dreams. 

But I created the class to be as easy as possible to follow - so it's perfect for beginners too - and for people who are just BUSY and want to navigate this process more smoothly without spending a ton of time taking classes.

AND when you join Dream Book you access to the Creative Dream Circle  (my online incubator for Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Coaches and World-Changers, complete with my entire library of courses) as a bonus - so if you're into classes you'll have more than enough to keep you busy.

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